Why VelvetTush...

I wish there was some great reasonin' or tale behind VelvetTush but there really is not.
It is sort of a "Damn the Man" thing.

Or in this case a "Damn the Woman!"

I maintain several different addresses... And once again there a method to my madness.
One for Roy's family and friends.
One for ordering stuff online.
And one for my personal use. I use it to IM back and forth between the different offices that the Vet runs. I could load my own pix and have my own backgrounds.

No biggie!!

And then one day I couldn'tdown load my own stuff!!
I tried several different times and several different option settings and nothing worked.
The Son could change his!
I could change The Clinic's.
The Mom could change her's but I could not.

After months of frustration I found the right thing to click on and it said that SOMEONE had blocked me!!!

It made total sense!!

Well, I didn't take that too lightly! I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.
So I put it to the test. I opened a new address.

My purse was sitting on the desk and the ZZTop keychain was hanging out.
You know the one... Silver Double Z's that one of them dangles in Legs. I bought it one year at their concert. So I thought what is my favorite ZZ song... LaGrange.
But that didn't have a good ring to it...
Now, Tush had the right sound!
And there was bound to be a bazillion Tushs on the internet... so what would I want my Tush to be?SilkTush.....No.

And The Velvet Tush was born in 2005!
And I apparently am the only one of those... so far!!

My old Id had indeed been blocked!!
So Damn the Man!!
Reinventin' yourself is easy when you have the right motivation

I wrote this a few years ago, and since then I have found imitators...but I'm the Original.