Monday, August 26, 2013

Whatta Summer!!

Well, maybe not summer… but I have no idea where to start this tale. Not really a tale. I put out the real deal.

Back in February, my daughter EudoraMae became engaged. Woo Hoo!! After 8 years and 2 children, he bought her a ring. I was so excited! I finally get to plan a wedding. My oldest daughter was married without me and now I get to be apart of a life changing event in one of daughters’ lives.

Well EudoraMae has always included me in her big moments, but EdithAnne, no so much. But that is another story for another time.

A wedding!!! I get to plan a wedding!!! We shopped for a dress, nothing like VeraWang or off the cover of a bridal magazine but a pretty dress that we can live with, wedding shoes, stuff to make things for the flower girls, and other things we would need. I bought a pretty lacy dress and looked for a pair of sandals to doll up.

And then the bottom fell out. Her heart wasn’t in it… Which I guess is best to break it off  now rather than after the fact… though 2 kids have been born. He went his way and she went hers.

No wedding. Oh Well. Bummer.

Time is all outta order now… so I don’t know whether the break up or mom being in the hospital took place first or last or what?

My brother called me to say Mom had had a seizure. Again.When she has one, she is like talking to a 2 year old. She hears you, but can’t react or comprehend what you said. So I asked him if I needed to come and keep watch on her. He said no.


I went on about life. But you know that never works. I called Mom the next morning to see if she was fine. And I could tell over the phone that she wasn’t quite right.But better. I talked to Granny to see how she felt about Mom and her condition, Granny didn’t feel good about the whole situation!! I told them to call my aunt VioletJean to come sit with them. I needed her there to comfort Granny and access Mom. My cousin from Texas called Mom and then messaged me later in the day and said something was wrong, so I called Mom.

Yep. Something was very wrong.

I told Roy I had to go to take care of the situation. I am an hour and a half away from them. My aunt is 15 miles away!! VioletJean, dropped the ball on me! She was too busy doing laundry to help me!! I am so pissed off at her!!

After being with Granny and Mom for about 15 minutes, I think it best to take my mom to the Emergency Room!! I told Granny to call RubyJune, my sister, to come sit with her while I took mom to the hospital.

We weren’t 3/10s of mile from the house when Mom, threw her arms up in the air and pulled them down and crossed them over her chest and she went stiff as a poker!! She was seizing!!! I stayed calm. As calm as I could while holding her hand and drive the car… yes. I kept driving. I was already going to the ER!! I can get there just as easy as an ambulance.

And then she stopped convulsing. And went slack. And non-responsive!!


Am I driving around with my dead mother??? SHIT!!! SHIT!!! I need professional help!!!

I called 911!!! Turned around and went back to Granny’s house!! The EMTs know where she lives, they have been there several times.

The lady on 911 stayed on the line with me until I got back to Granny’s and had an opportunity to actually check Mom. The minute I opened her door, her eyes popped open!!

Oh Thank God!!!!

It wasn’t 5 minutes later that the EMTs pulled up and took over.

I called Roy to update him and ask him why the ambulance stopped twice on the way to the hospital… “you’d better prepare yourself for the worst. They pull over when they have to work on the patient.”

“Honey!! I have already thought she was dead!! I am expecting the worst!!”

As it turned out, she was just seizing again. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days. And my brother and I put together a new plan for when or if this happens again. My sister has neuro-surgeon picked out if we ever have to have one for Mom. She has had 2 spells this year and this the first time in 2 years that she has had her last spell.

It was very scary. But I did remain calm. Something so many people in my life seem to think I can’t do… becuz everything else in my life is all drama.


And then there was the wreck… That story for later.

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