Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dearly Beloved…

WE are gathered here today to talk about inspirations. What drive me to do the things that I do? If you said booze, you would be wrong. I can’t blame everything on the demon rum. It’s love. Yes. Love. It drives me to do things for those around me… I took my grandson’s “PoundPuppy” and took photos all over the house and outside when “Shadow” was left behind. Peein’ on GiGi’s car…2012-12-16 08.09.39 That was a big hit! Fetchin’ the paper!2012-12-16 08.11.21 Love drives me to do silly things for Roy…  Yes. An Eye Patch came with my bra!2012-12-12 08.15.27-1
Okay, they were panties but they fit better on my head than they ever would on my ass!!

My Love of Shoes…2012-10-11 19.50.54
        My Love of Family…2013-01-26 15.03.21 inspires me to add the most weirdest and embarrassin’ photos of them on the web. There is actually 3 people in that photo. 2013-02-11 15.44.14           I have so many blackmail photos!! My Love for Life Drives Me to Have Fun. So In Closing, Embrace Life, Laugh Hardy, and Love Fully in Everything That You Do. spin Link up with Gretchen at Second Blooming

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Taking Out The Trash…

Before Grandpa passed I went to stay with Granny while he was in the hospital for a minor surgery….

One day I decided to take off the trash at Granny’s, they have a small dump on the property. So I loaded up the trash into the van and asked Granny, “can I go up to the dump thru the gate out back or do I have to drive up to the gate on the top of the hill?”

I was tryin’ to make this a simple as possible. I hadn’t seen any cows by the house and I knew I could leave the gate open… simple.

“yes, you can.” she replied.

I drove up the rode dirt road to the coal pits to the family dump, and I noticed that this road hasn’t been driven on in long time… LONG TIME!!! When I came to a turn in the road… There was a HUGE MUD PUDDLE!!


Keep in mind that there has been a 2 year drought in Oklahoma and I find the only mud puddle in the state! And what do I do???

Decide to drive thru it!!!

YES! I attempted it.

I thought this out. I didn’t just drive off into it halfcocked like so many people think I do. I actually think about things. I can’t help it if shit goes wrong. And it always does!

I decided to put 2 tires in the dry side of the puddle and 2 in the mud and took off… at a good pace. I knew if I drove slow it would bog down and I’d be stuck. Yeah. Well I got stuck.

O Holy Shit!! And the gate is open!! Don’t you know those stupid cows are runnin’ at top speed to house! They have a 6th sense about the gate. If there is an opened gate, they are out it before I can blink an eye!! I haven’t stayed one time with Granny that I hadn’t had to put in cows!!

Panic set in!! I rocked that van back and forth, I had to get that van out before Grandpa came home.  I have to get to the house before the cows do… And the more I rocked it more it was stuck!!!

I turned into a 12 year girl scared to death I was gonna get beat by Grandpa!! Shit shit shit!!!!

I thought should call Roy! He would come and get it out but I’d get bitched at for another stupid thing I’ve done.

I could call my brother, he’d never answer his phone. He had helped me get my car out the last it was stuck.

Come to think of it, he has helped me get my car unstuck 3 or 4 times. That could be why he doesn’t answer his phone.

I could call my brother in law or my cousin but I would just look stupid… so be beat or look stupid?

I rocked that van back and forth for about 10 minutes… and it finally came loose!!


I drove around the thru the other side of the puddle… without incident!!

I took the trash off and drove back to the house by way of the gate upon the hill. And luckily, never saw one cow.


I told Granny, “If anyone asks if they can use the gate by the house to get to the pits, the answer is no.”

Monday, April 01, 2013

It’s Time…

To catch everyone up with the last 4 months… But where to start?

The Good: The baby shower was great… I won’t be doin’ another! Too much stress!! And just after Christmas our family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She is the spittin’ image of her daddy, my nephew. I wish they didn’t live so far away, so I could spoil her like I did her daddy.

The Bad: My grandpa died unexpectedly. No delicate way to say that. Just after Thanksgiving, he passed. So I’ve been goin’ back and forth from my house to my grandmother’s. She turns 90 on the 18th of April and she doesn’t get around all that well. She is unable to stay alone, so we moved my mother in with her. It helps Granny and it helps Mom… she was havin’ a shitty time with my sister in-law. And then just when we have everything going good, my mom has a seizure and spent a week in the hospital.

Geez!! I can’t catch a break… not even if I had a catcher’s mitt!!

So I saddle up and go back.

Annnnd… There is no internet!! I will have to figure out how to blog from my phone.

Most all my time is consumed with “The Ladies” and it poops me out! Mom is JUST now gettin' back normal.

There’s more stories to tell… some sad, some funny… but later.

The Ugly: The division of the assets… is not for wimps!! And the best way to put it is, my inheritance is a big fat zero!!

So I do what I know in my heart to be the right thing… take care of Granny the best way I can and fight tooth and nail to keep her from a nursing home until she goes to Glory. Then I will take my mules and go home. And never go back again.

I have sure wanted to vent about that!! But haven’t really had the time, so I cried a lot.


But oh well… I have great memories and no regrets.