Friday, March 22, 2013



So. I have a snapping turtle in my living room. He is the size of a dinner plate.

And they can be aggressive.

Not mean. But aggressive.

Couple that with too much bitchin’ by Roy and I am a bit frazzled.

Yes. I am a klutz. But I am able to do things quite well… sometimes… okay, maybe about 1% of the time.

But still.

Roy was worried that I was going to upset Ruffles. And All I was Doing Was getting a piece of Fish out of  a CRACK!! with long forceps… really long ones. But with all the bitchin’ I wasn’t payin’ all that much attention to Ruffles… and WHAM!

I squealed!

Roy yelled louder!

And Ruffles bit my finger!

I am not sure why I cried.

Could be becuz my pet turtle bit me?

Could be becuz my beloved husband yelled at me?

And it could be the whole incident occurred becuz I may have had a wee bit too much tequila.

But still.

I now stand back from the tank about 2 feet and toss the food in… if it goes in a crack, too damn bad!

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Katy said...

Hon. I stared at that picture for a LONG TIME with absolutely no idea what it was. It was much racier when I didn't know :)