Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jill’s Questions…

Jill asked these Questions as part on a blog award. She selected all of her readers to receive the said award and to play along.


so here goes:


  1. You are given a free round-trip ticket to go anywhere in the world for one week. Where do you choose to go? Paris. or London. A free ticket is the only way I would get to go to either. And I’d have go alone becuz there is no way in Hell I would ever get Roy to go with me.
  2. What is your biggest fear? Apparently scorpions. I didn’t realize this until I showered with one. Spiders okay, beetles okay, but scorpions… no flippin’ way!!
  3. Poker, Euchre, or other? (if other, tell me what your game of choice is!) Spades. I love it but Roy and I rarely play becuz it takes another couple. When we played with his parents, I was teamed with QueenVictoria and sometimes we won. RARE. But it was fun.
  4. What is the one TV show you can’t miss, and can’t wait to watch each week? I love Sons of Anarchy. And Justified. I am attracted to bad boys.
  5. Is there a book you love, and have read over and over? If so, which one is it? No. Though I have read all the Harry Potter books twice.  When I’m done, I’m done. Period.
  6. People magazine has given you the almighty power: YOU get to choose the Sexiest Man Alive. Who do you pick? (if you’re a boy – you get to pick a woman, if you want. ;)) Brad Pitt. DUH! EVER!! SEXIEST!!!
  7. What’s your favourite scary movie? I don’t do scary. The Ghost and Mr Chicken scares me. So no I don’t have a favorite.
  8. You’re invited to a party and told to bring your “signature dish” – what do you bring? (bonus points for a recipe!) My salsa!! My sister loves it and that’s all I need to know. I take it every time. Or Cheesy potatoes. I have yet to perfect it but the salsa, I got it down pat!!
  9. What is the #1 item on your Christmas Wish List this year? a new TV for the bedroom. I want a flat screen mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed… a 40 incher or bigger. yep. that’s what I want. Every time I’ve asked for world peace, people just look at me and roll their eyes. I really don’t think it would be all that hard. Geez!
  10. If you could see any singer or band in the world, which would you choose? Band Ac/Dc or Metallica. Singer Joan Jett
  11. They’re going to name a pizza after you, and you get to pick the toppings – what are you putting on your pizza and what are you going to call it? My Pizza would be Hot Mess Nadine and have salsa and taco meat with lots of cheese and guacamole too. On a thin…. crack thin… crust! People! Pizza isn’t about the dough!! It’s about the toppings!! Thick crust… gross.
  12. Bonus question: I just have to ask, in honour of Breaking Dawn Part 2 tomorrow night. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Jacob! Poor kid. In love with a girl that doesn’t return the feelings and he “imprints” on a baby!! What the hell? That’s just pervy!!!

And there you have it… my take on Jilly’s Questions!


Jill said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you for answering the questions... I was afraid they'd sit there unanswered! ha!

Your pizza toppings sound amazing. I wish I could think up a good pizza name like yours, too.

Also, I hope your shower has been creature-free lately. I'd have fainted if I found a scorpion in there.

I've seen AC/DC in concert - they were pretty epic, I must admit!!!

becca said...

i'm so hiding in your suitcase when you get that free ticket, music i'm so with you on Joan Jett and team Jacob yea poor kid

gretchen said...

I'm a spades player too! I haven't played in years, and I miss it. I'd love to sit and play spades with you and eat your homemade salsa! I hate to tell you this, but I used to play poker with Brad Pitt. This is true.

Where have you been?