Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Got Nothing!!!

I’m not dead.
Or Missing.
There’s just not really anything worth sharing.

No odd conversations with Roy.
Well. That’s not true but I don’t think you really want to hear about our convos about shit.
Literally. Shit.
I’m so blessed to be married to a man that feels so comfortable with me to share his bowel movements.

The trip to Iowa was fine. But nothing wild and crazy… it’s Iowa. You can even put me in Iowa and not find wild and crazy.
Probably Best.

I have had a bout with the Klumzies… I slammed my finger in the bedroom door. That hurt soooo freakin’ bad. About as bad as the night I kicked the bed, or the night I hit the coffee table with my shin. It didn’t hurt as bad as day I did the splits over a stadium sit and bruised my inner thigh.
Yeah. Klumzy!

I tried and tried to think of a way to put a funny spin on the time I found a scorpion in the shower… with me and my nekked ass!!
I know! Right?
Get the Fuck Out!!!
Yeah,  A Scorpion!!
It was dead. Not real sure if it was the shampoop or the shampoop bottle I used on it… but I think if my shampoop will kill a scorpion, I’m changin’ brands.

So that’s about it… what’s new with you??

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Seriously Shawn

Impulsive Addict


allstarme said...

Sometimes things are just on the downlow. And that's not always bad!

Lin said...

I've totally been there. Sometimes there's just nothing to say & we have to move on until there is.

However, the scorpion in the shower...hella scary. Glad you survived.

Jill said...

Holy crapmypants. A scorpion?!?! First a spider on your boob, and now a SCORPION?!?!?

VandyJ said...

iferyi 15I have enough trouble dealing the spiders in the shower--couldn't do a scorpion. The would require shrieks and Nick's eradication of the creature.

becca said...

don't hate when here is nothing to write about at all not even the neighbors dancing naked in the moonlight

Katy said...

Sometimes I really struggle to think of what to write about. And sometimes I struggle to make something SOUND funny that was actually funny. I guess that's just the way it is sometimes.

I think it's hilarious that you took pictures of that lady's shoes down there.