Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ugly Shoes, Road Trippin’, And Creepy Photos…

I didn’t have my camera out to take a photo of Roy’s Ex-Wife’s ugly ass shoes… I get into enough trouble without tryin’ to be stealthy and take photos.

But… They looked like this…


but with a one inch heal and black.

Like my 3rd grade teacher used to wear.





Roy and I are headed out to Iowa for some birthday fun!! Wooo Hooo!!!

Well, as much fun as a you can have at a 90yr old’s party.

So you know I have a problem with funerals, dead people, and caskets… I DON’T DO ‘EM!! My sister in-law knows this fact!

And she mailed us a photo of RoySr in his casket!!!

She wrote on the outside of the envelope that she did it, so I didn’t open the letter. But it just freaked me out! When Roy got home, I showed it to him and told him that he needed to do whatever he needed to do with it so that I NEVER, EVER, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, SEE THAT PHOTO!

He teased me, “but it’s the best he’s looked in years.”

And the tears just spontaneously fell from my eyes. It was not funny to me. “I can’t deal with it. Please, I just can’t.”

And he folded it up as small as he could and disposed of it.

Am I wrong?

Okay, enough heart breakin’ creepy shit… I hope to come home from Iowa with wild tales.

Or Something.


Jill said...

This reminded me of something that happened at my cousin's wake... It was a pretty tragic, sad time to begin with, but my cousin who lives in Florida was home for the whole thing - he's my grandma's eldest grandchild, and also shares her birthday, so he's "kind of a big deal" in the family - and comes home so rarely, that they wanted pictures of him with Grandma that day. I had my camera in my purse, so they asked me to take their picture. (good thing, because that was the last time they saw each other, Grandma passed away the following Spring)... ANYways...when I had the camera out, one of my uncles asked me to take a picture of my cousin in his casket with all the beautiful flower arrangements around him. I was like, "Umm...I don't think I want to do that..." Then a few other relatives were pressuring me to do it, so I went to my mom and told her that I was REALLY not comfortable doing so. She explained to me that some people do it, but that I didn't have to if I didn't want to. I didn't do it. I just can't imagine ever wanting to look at something so heart-breaking again in my life...

So I know how you feel! I wouldn't want to look either!!

I'm sorry for the Happy Friday!!

becca said...

not sure i'm feeling those shoes

oliveoyl64 said...

there are family photos in my possesion from waaaaay back when they used the bodies would "lie in state" in the persons home. I do not know who they are and keep them buried in the bottom of the box. I do not go unless it is someone that was significant to me, even with family.
So no judgement passed from me to you.

Mrs. Match said...

Yeah...I'm not a fan of open caskets. I wouldn't want to see my loved one like that. It would be awful.
I did take pictures of our little Roo, but that was because they're the only ones I had of her. Had I had live ones of her, I wouldn't ever even think of taking the ones when she was gone. It's just so damn sad!

Lin said...

Those are some funky ass shoes. I can totally picture a school teacher from the 40s wearing those haha.

Uh...a photo of someone in their casket? That is most definitely not ok with me. No, sir.