Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Smatterin' Of Crap...

It’s been awhile since we’ve sat down and chatted. Last week I was down with back troubles.
I’m plannin’ a baby shower.
Yes. I know.
Me. hahahahahahahahahahahaha… but I have help.
As we all know I can’t bake, I’ve been teasin’ my sister, RubyJune, that I will bake the cake. hahahahahahahahahahhaa…. she insists we buy one.
So I’ve broiled brownies and burnt cookies and made pecan soup… I could make a cute cake for a baby shower.
I know. who am I kiddin’?
We are still under a drought and burn ban… sucks not being able to cook out!
I have a huge rack of ribs that needs to be grilled…. GRILLED RIBS!!!
But no.
I’ll wrap it in foil and put it in the oven.
Back to the baby shower… Remember the weddin’ I went to back in Feb??
 The one that my shitty sister inlaw made a face at me???
Should I send her an invite??
Last week, we had to bomb the house for bugs… one of us was gettin' overly creeped out by the amount of spiders in the house… and so we had to catch cats put them outside for the day. I can now see that I will not be able to catch them if the house should catch on fire.
That is rather soberin’!
Or get Ruffles from his tank… he didn’t want to leave the safety of his cave and went to snappin’ like a big turtle!! Good thing Roy is so fast!!
Come Spring, Ruffles will be set free.
Another rather soberin’ fact.
Oh you know I’ll send the bitch an invite. That’s how I roll.
Just save up bail money for me.
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Nicole said...

Baking/decorating cakes is easy!! :)

Jill said...

After your close encounter with that spider a while back, I'm surprised it took you that long to bug bomb the house... ;)

becca said...

no worries i have a stash of bail money hid for just these kind of occasions got you covered.

Katrin said...

I am so terrible at baking! I burn everything...it's really bad. :)

TMW Hickman said...

I commiserate with your cooking trials. I've set fire to my kitchen on many an occasion! Just make a diaper cake and buy cupcakes for the occasion. Easier than cooking! :)

Stacie said...

Just try to time your arrest around the 1st of the month or else I'll be broke!