Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Smatterin’ Of Crap…

1) I’m not sure if I can get into this season of True Blood. It’s too far off track from the books… The Sookie Stackhouse Novels… And if there’s not a Bill-Sookie-Eric Triangle… and sex… with Eric… well I don’t think I can get into it.
Oh Yeah!! That’s how I roll!!

2) It’s Summer. 107 degrees!!! Iimage001 don’t like that. At. All.

IMG_45993) I cried over that frickin’ Turtle!! Remember that turtle I didn’t want… it can grow to be huge… and a killer… I cried over the thought of turnin’ it loose. It’s either keep it another year or let it go now so it can get acclimated to the river.
We are keepin’ it… another year.

4) The battle of the wasps is still pretty much going on. They are everywhere. In some the oddest places… gates, around the pool, the carport, the back porch, and well everywhere. Roy’s opened the gate to the dog pen and hornets came out after him. He opened the driveway gate and a red wasp went after him. He retrieved the pool floaties from the chicken house and found a hornets nest attached to them… he didn’t get stung not one time. He leads a charmed life.
5) I would have gotten stung… over and over and over.
6) I do not lead a charmed life.
7) Shit just happens to me.
8) I was makin’ salsa the other night, and cut my fingers twice and trimmed off a nail. Roy said, “how much booze have you drank?”
“Dude! None! I wish I had. It would give me a reason for doing stupid shit!”

9) Caption This Photo:401813_4201524238579_1336487532_n

I was told I planted the seeds backwards.

10) Link Up!!
With Stacy!
Seriously Shawn
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TMW Hickman said...

I would be crying over the turtle, too!

We have two yellow jacket nests in full bloom. My husband said that he would take care of it, and that was two weeks ago. I'll give him until next week...

Stacie said...

107 degrees??? That is just cruel and unusual punishment...stay inside!

Big Mama Cass said...

Sunflower: "Stop looking at me!"

We had that wasp problem in Wisconsin and it was brutal. I had the bug guys out like 8 times over 2 years. Never did get them all gone :(

I am in georgia so I hear ya about the heat. I am going to melt.

Big Mama Cass said...

PS... I forgot to say that I didn't read the true blood books but I am seriously loving this season! Although I hope the love triangle gets back into swing. Also the Tara thing Sunday was pretty much yawnsville. Don't you think?

Connie Weiss said...

I'm crying over the flower growing backwards!

Lin said...

I've been watching this season of True Blood but I just can't get into it. I dont know that it's so much because they've strayed from the books than it's kind of lame now haha.

Sorry my post wasn't up earlier, I got stuck in traffic & couldnt post earlier :(

Jill said...

I'm guessing the flower is running and hiding from the sun 'cause it's so damn hot??? HA!!!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wasps REALLY ARE everywhere! I can't even find a safe haven! One got in my HOUSE! I beat him with a fly swatter but he laughed at me and flew away....i'm sure to plan his revenge. I saw him on the window ledge and went to get the wasp spray but he took off.....never to be found again. I'm still scared to go to sleep at night so I've been sleeping UNDER the covers--head and all. If it's not wasps in my house, it's effing scorpions.

Katrin said...

Wow, 107 degrees is just too much!
I watch True Blood too! Sookie is going on my nerves but Eric is my favorite. I haven't read the books yet though.
Love your blog!

Graceful Disaster...life, parenting and humor said...

Just stumbled onto your blog from the Random Rebel hop. I think I love you...just sayin!!

Becca said...

I would say that poor sunflower is having an identity crisis! Time to shop! I hate wasps! We have them here too, way up in our garage on the outside rafters. 107! Dang woman that is freaking hot!

gretchen said...

107! Oh honey, I feel for you. Though I miss many, many things about Texas, I do NOT miss the heat. I'll take our nice, pleasant California summers, thank you very much. I LOVE that shy sunflower!

becca said...

all i want to know is did Tara survive I don't get the channel it airs on and can't find a link online to watch so i need to know

Shawn said...

I'v read a few of the books but have never watched the series. I've heard they're very different and very um shall we say "graphic".

You and that turtle, glad you have him for another year. I can't wait to see how big he gets.

We had a big problem with wasps too 2 years ago. We ended up having to hire a company to come and find the "mother ship" and kill them. I wasn't willing to gamble a nest the size of a VW Bug in my yard.

It looks like you've put that poor sunflower in a time out. What did it do to deserve that punishment?

Thanks for linking up with us!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there ways a front and a back to sunflower seed. I guess i got lucky. By the way always look forward to your blog.

Nicole said...

Don't worry I'd have been stung too. Last night I was mowing around where those damn things are at my house and I went zooming past real quick, got the mower caught up in an old dog chain and killed it. Oy!