Monday, June 18, 2012

And The Award Goes To…

Dearly Beloved:
We are gathered here today to honor the Holy Nadine. That’s right Becca at Every Day Life has deemed me STYLISH!!!
So be it!
And as we all know it’s all about me here at the Church of the Holy Nadine, I’m to recant 5… just 5 of my most favorite moments of my life.
th_stylish_blogger_award81) Riding to Sturgis on my motorcycle… I am very proud of this one!
2) Meeting Roy… I’ve told you about.
3) Being at the birth of my grandson… We’ve been over that.
4) My first cruise… I don’t think you know about me and topless deck, or showering with a totally stranger on his honeymoon. Not so proud of this! What happens in Mexico should stay in Mexico!
5) Playing softball as a teen… after findin’ out about the honeymooner… this pales! It sounds so wicked! There was a great deal of booze involved and sand.
Which story do you want to read about??
Let me know and I’ll post it for TTuT for IA, Shawn, and Stacy.
I’m very sorry I’m just sittin’ down to blog but it’s been a real trip through sunblock hell… And Roy had 5 days off. I never made it around to visit with all my peeps. I’ll do better in the future.
So as we part ways for the day and you proceed with your lives… Just know that Hedonism is Name of the Game.
It’s about Jewels and Booze
Purses and Shoes.
The Good Times… Let Them Roll.
I bless thee in the Name of Jose, Chanel, and Jimmy Choo.
Big Hugs, Much Love, Drink Too Much Tequila!


Nicole said...

#4 :). btw, I got stung by a damn wasp last night and couldn't help but think of your post about that!

becca said...

loved your choice moments and wasn't it hard to pick just five took me forever