Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Smatterin’ Of Crap…

Lots to say so let’s get started!!


My Grandson was in the play Music Man as a River City Kid!! He was so cute!! I am so Proud Of Him. He tried out for the lead Boy signin’ “If I only had a brain” from the Wizard of Oz… we are big Wiz of OZFans!! But… Not the lead. Still he danced, sang, turned cartwheels, and GiGi was just as proud as if it had been on Broadway instead of a play at School!


Thinkin’ about changin’ my domain from Velvettush.blogspot.com to Velvettush.net. When I tried, right after I bought it, I was “locked out” and that’s a terrible feelin’!! so I’m slow and hesitant to try again.

I hate the man that bought the .comversion of Velvettush. I hate you long time!

Yes, a man bought it. JackAss!!


I really hate when I do stupid things… sober. Nothin’ to blame.

“Oh! She’s just drunk! That’s all!!” but no. I do stupid shit stone cold sober.

Recently, I pulled a bottle of BBQ sauce from the fridge and went to shake it up… the lid flies off and BBQ sauce goes all over the floor, the table, my sewin’ stuff, and worse of all… Scooter!

Have you ever seen a cat give you the look of “What the Fuck?”

He gave me one. Licked his fur. Looked at me again like, “Woman! Get This Shit Off!”

AngryCat-DevilCat-2So no photos of that. He was not a happy camper!

Though, he looked a lot like that!

When I told Roy about the incident, he just smiled. “I live with a woman that WILL not screw lids on bottles, It’s what happens.”

Tell that to Scooter!!

Then maybe a day or 2 later, I was makin’ taco seasonin’ from one of those Pinterest ideas.  I swear to All That is Good and Holy that when I looked in the cabinet to grab the bottle of cumin that I saw cumin and added it to the mixture of spices…. I swear I saw ground cumin!!

It was ginger!

I didn’t realize it until after the fact and started cussin’ a blue streak! Roy came runnin’ in the kitchen to make sure I hadn’t cut myself… again. “Have you been drinkin’?”

“no! just stupid! Again!!”

Let me just say, I have used this mixture of chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and GINGER in some stir fry… not too bad.


And now to leave you with some super good news… Becuz I do drink…

I was selected to be Mixologist of the Month of May at Kinky Liqueur on Facebook!!

For my kinky lemonade recipe!!! Thank you so much, Janette!

She said I should submit it and I did!! I’m so thrilled!!

Oh crap!! the photo I sent to them is trapped in the other PC and it’s dead. Too many storms or something! I’m sure I did something stupid… Again!! It’s got to go to the Nerds.

So to see my shinin’ face as Mixologist you have to follow the link!



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Colleen said...

Wow! You have a lot going on.

What would a guy want with velvettush.com???

LOVE the BBQ and cat story. Too funny.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Your cumin and ginger mix up reminded me of the time I added cumin, instead of cinnamon to my peach cobbler. And, one time i used cinnamon instead of cumin in my chili. Granted, some chili recipes do call for cinnamon. But, I don't ever use it mine. I prefer it without it by a long way.

It's good to know I'm not alone in the kitchen goof-ups. lol!

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Jill said...

Congrats on being Mixologist of the Month! Woo hoo! I'm always messing up my recipes by putting the wrong spices in or measuring them wrong!! I feel your pain! lol

Stacy Uncorked said...

I bet it was fun watching your grandson singing, dancing and turning cartwheels! :)

Does make you wonder why a guy would buy the domain name 'velvettush'.

Your BBQ fiasco and ginger vs. cumin sounds like something I would do... ;)

WooHoo! Way to go on being Mixologist of the Month!

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becca said...

wow you have alot going on and congrats on winning the drink recipe. Oh and how I would have loved to see that look of "WTF on your cats's face bet it was funny

Impulsive Addict said...

You never fail to disappoint me with a funny story {or 3}! I love you for that.

WOO HOO for mixology of the month!! I bet you'll be famous soon!

Did Scooter have to get a bath or did he lick it all off?

Ok, what's the difference between .com and .net? I'm kinda computer dumb.

I've always thought cumin is a funny name for a spice. Maybe it's the spelling! HA!

Thanks for linking up! xoxo

Date Girl said...

Great job mixologist!! :-)

Oh man, I can just picture the bbq fiasco. I'm a total klutz so I sympathize greatly. Ginger doesn't sound bad in that mixture. Now had you added cinnamon instead of cumin, ewww.

Chell said...

A certain person in our house also has issues with putting lids back on all the way. I get cussed for it all teh time.

Shawn said...

sorry, but I laughed just a little visulizing your cat covered in BBQ sauce. My oldest is the wrost at not putting lids back on the right way, drives me insane!

I too am the quenn of doing and or saying the most stupid stuff, I figure its a gift since I'm making someone laugh!