Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roy’s Tag…

I thought it would be fun since these were such fun questions to get Roy to answers them!!
Wouldn’t that be fun?? No so much. He doesn’t get it. But after about the 6 question he got into it.
Many of you have no idea who or what Roy DuWayne Hightower is all about so I think you should get to know him a bit better… he did a put a fuss. But honestly, I don’t give a shit.
He was in the bath tub so I had him trapped!
And I’ve had enough booze to make it interestin’! The Blue words are His! Mine are Red…
1. Best thing that happened to you when you were 20 years old?  In 1970, Nothing good happen to me. I was in the Marine Corps boot camp, which is hell on Earth and then went to Vietnam.
I was on my way to Kindergarten!
2. When did you lose your virginity? This is embarrassin’.
Single doesn’t count!
When I was 24… to a sheep… and that’s not true. And I could tell you her name but a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. 1974 was a big year!!
Insert loads of laughter from the drunk typist. Gentleman my Ass!! ‘74 I was in the in the Second grade! Or was the 3rd?
3. Favorite board game as a child and why? “Carom”
What? is that?? How do you spell that?? What the hell is carom??
where you shoot the rings around and you put them in the pockets. like pool?
Monopoly is secondThank God!! a Normal Game!!
4. Target or Walmart? 
What is the question? I shoot at Targets and I buy my ammo at Hellmart.
5. The worst date you've been on was to where?  What do I have to say about it? 1973 and she turned out to be a lesbian.
again a great deal of laughter from the typist. Gentleman My Ass!!!
NO it’s true. She told me so.
6. What are two TV shows you do not miss, ever?  Gunsmoke or Have gun will travel or Combat or Wanted dead or alive. Combat number one! All TV shows from the past.
7. Which would you rather receive: Chocolates or flowers?  Chocolate. Did you have to ask?
8. Have you ever left your house without underwear on? Details, if so (LOL)!  No. Big fat no. I’ve played in the yard nekked before, I don’t think that counts.
9. Have you ever visited Mount Rushmore?  Yes. As close as the photo police would let me.
10. Do you know a second language... if so, which one? little bits of 5 languages… Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Hawaiian, and Japanese…. Mushy mushy muthafucker!
11. What is your favorite color? Depends on what we’re talkin’ about… but Mon Capitan Red White and Blue!
Random things:
1: I do not talk about myself.
2: favorite movie of all time: tombstone  with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer “You Called down the Thunder!”
3: Runner up Geronimo with Wes Studi  “ Texans. Lowest form of man there is.”
4: First motorcycle was a 1968 Triumph Trophy.
5: And we went around and around about ffff or hhhhhh for the spellin’ of triumph.  Spellchecker?? Oh Please!
6: Love of my life before I met Nadine Hightower was Roselee Haversham. You have to get that right. She might see it.  That was in 1969!
Jackass!! I changed her name!
7: And she still looks like a 19 yr old!!
Yeah Right!!
8: I love to shoot guns.
I own more than him!
And I tired of messin’ with him… it’s been 25 minutes of pullin’ eye teeth!!
So there you have it. A tidbit  of random.
She says shakin’ her head. Jackass!!
sadangelAnd he forgot about our anniversary!
I have errands to do today so I’ll be late in gettin' around to visit.
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becca said...

OMG love this Roy's a hoot you should interview him more often

Jill said...

You should get Roy to guest post from time to time! That was definitely the funniest thing I've read all day!!!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG you two are way too stinkin' funny for words! I bet you two would be a kick to hang out with - never a dull moment! ;)

Stifling Heat, Laundry Flood and Twitter Fun

Connie Weiss said...

I love Tombstone!!!

I am Harriet said...

Those are some cool languages to learn.

Have a great Tuesday!

Amanda said...

hahah. nice!

Amanda said...

hahah. nice!

Impulsive Addict said...

You two are perfect for each other but you probably already knew that huh?

I should make my husband answer these questions. He'll probably throw a fit though.

Thanks for linking up my friend!

Gina said...


Colleen said...

This is a really, really great idea! And makes for hilarious reading! Thanks!

RCL said...

Aw I loved that he played along. What a good sport!