Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Was Tagged!

By Melissa
I like tags… but I don’t tag people. Oddly enough others do not care for it.
So… I don’t tag. Melissa asked me these Questions:
1. Best thing that happened to you when you were 20 years old?
20? Geez that was a long time ago. I was pregnant with EudoraMae so I’ve to go with that. It was a rough time personally with my ex EarlLee cheatin’ on me and we didn’t have a home. I wanted to die but I was pregnant and had a 18 month old to take care of so I guess you could say those little girls saved my life.
2. When did you lose your virginity?
I was 14. It was not fun at all. The second time 4 months later was much better.
3. Favorite board game as a child and why?
Monopoly and Chinese checkers
4. Target or Walmart?
I like Target but it is not handy so I shop at HellMart a lot.
5. The worst date you've been on was to where?
Ok so this one time I was on a “date” with this guy that took me down a dirt road and we had sex on the trunk of his car in the moonlight.
Oh! I know so romantic!
I was sittin’ there while he was goin’ at it like it was the end of the world, thinkin’ “is he even in there?” 
Maybe if I move down a bit… still nothing. huh?
Is he usin’ his finger?
Is he standin’ in a hole?
And then there were moans, groans, and fireworks… for him. And he was done.
“I’ll have to check this out a bit better… OMG!”
His penis was thumb size!!!
Not his… mine!!!!!
6. What are two TV shows you do not miss, ever?
Justified and Survivor… though after the last season of Survivor I may rethink my passion.
7. Which would you rather receive: Chocolates or flowers?
Flowers… I can buy a candy bar but I never think about buying myself flowers.
8. Have you ever left your house without underwear on? Details, if so (LOL)!
Of course I have. Roy and I make bets and I lose and so… we went to the mall. I went up the escalator while he stood at the bottom so he could look up my dress. He was not alone!
And once, I gave my panties to him while I was at work. I wore skirts all the time so it wasn’t so hard to take them off.  He gave them back when we got married.
9. Have you ever visited Mount Rushmore?
Yes I have. I been there twice. Once outside the gates and was run off by a park ranger and once actually inside the park with my grandparents on the vacation trip to Hell.
The first time, I was with a biker and he wasn’t playin’ by the rules so the park ranger and he butted heads. I just can’t take Roy anywhere!
10. Do you know a second language... if so, which one?
Dumbass Okie!
11. What is your favorite color?
Red… of course!
11 Random Things About Me:
1) Ruffles the Alligator Snapping Turtle is 1 year old. We feed that thing $30 in fish a week!!!
2) I think my hub has forgotten our wedding anniversary.
3) It’s Wednesday and I have NOT reminded him like normal. It’s a test. Will he pass or fail?
4) We are actually growing as a couple. We started a major project together with out a knock down drag out! Progress. 18 years… progress is slow.
5) I’ve become a lazy blogger. I just don’t have the material like I had in the past.
6) I am havin’ trouble comin’ up with 11 random things.
7) Oh. Our project… we… Roy is diggin’ a storm shelter. I don’t dig.
8) Still thinkin’. It’s been 10 minutes since #6.
9) See. This is why I don’t blog more often. Nothing to say. And when there is nothing… how the hell do you put a funny spin on nothing??
10) Wait. Is my anniversary on Wednesday? Or is it on Thursday?? Shit! How can I be mad at Roy if I can’t even remember it?? Oh. I can do it. I do mad.
11) The Weddin’ Photo… we were married in Arkansas… by a photographer.
wedding photo 001 Standard e-mail view
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Gina said...

I miss how blogging used to be. Glad I came by for my a dose of Nadine! Now your blogs show up on Google Plus and I'm happy about that!

Shawn said...

I'm having a tough time blogging too and it's only going to get worse with summer knocking on the door!

Sex at 14? I'll admit that scares the bologna out of me since I have 17 and 12 year old girls....so not ready for that chapter of their lives!

Mount Rushmore is on my bucket list, not on the back of a bike though.

Thanks for linking up, I've missed you!

Stacie said...

Shopping at WalMart is like a prison sentence, if I could get one thing brought to our rinky dink town it would be a Target!

Stacy Uncorked said...

This is why I love you so much - there are a lot of things about you and I that are so frickin' similar. Well, except for the sex at 14 bit - I didn't even get my first 'real' kiss until I was 19...I know, right?? ;)

Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge

becca said...

man i missed your post and got love a hubby who is willing to help do underwear checks

VandyJ said...

I love that wedding photo!
We are stuck with Hellmart and Kmart. NO Target within 45 miles. It's sad.

Jill said...

I like playing these tag posts too, but like you, can't seem to find anyone who likes to do them either!!

Did you know we're getting Target in Canada?? So excited. HellMart is still going to be closer, but I'm looking forward to having the Target option someday soon.

Love reading your blogs, Nadine - they always make me laugh :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I was 14 too! And EudoraMae? LMAO! Classy! Love that name!

Small penises are horrible. Once I told the guy to put it in and it was already in. YIKES. I felt kinda bad.

I love these Q and A's but I rarely do them. I don't know why. I totally should.

Thanks for linking up with us! You know I love your crazy funny ass!!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by Charmed Life Chronicles... I'm now following you.

And, I'm glad I'm not the only one that had sex at 14.. though it scares me because I don't want my girls to fall into the same footsteps, though, in my defense when they get to that age is I'm still with that same person!

Heathers Happenings said...

I LOVE that wedding photo!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Cool to get to know you a little better through your tag post. =D Have an awesome day!

Date Girl said...

I've been lazy blogging lately too. I think it's summer and the fact that all I want to do is be outside or be active, instead of on the couch.

Lol, thumb sized penis. I call those the isitin.

Nicole said...

That's your wedding photo or honeymoon photo?

Colleen said...

I could barely get past number 5. Too hilarious. And, sadly, I've had a similar experience.

Emmy said...

I used to shop at Walmart because it was closer- now the Target is closer and I spend a lot more money. Not because Walmart's prices are so so much better but because Target is fun to shop at and I get sucked into things a lot.