Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My New Recipe…

I am sharing it with you and Janette from The Johanson Journey.  She a link-up for all your great finds on the internet or in stores or wherever… just share with her and she’ll make a Pin for Pinterest!love-button-15[3]
Way cool right!!?
Okay let’s get with it. Last week I shared my great find of Kinky Liqueur. And I have made a fabulous cocktail with it!
I checked out their website and they don’t have this concoction so this is totally mine!! Mine Mine Mine!!
Just like VelvetTush is mine and some one stole it from me to sell baby shit!! But don’t let me go off there! ugh!!!


I also found a great recipe for Lemonade. It’s so good! All the lemony goodness but not tart at all. I don’t like frozen concentrate at all. So here we go…

Nadine’s Lemonade
lemons (citrustreesonline)Make simple sugar with 1 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water… boil until sugar is dissolved. Set it aside and Squeeze 6 lemons in a 1 quart pitcher. It should be 1 cup of juice. Fill your pitcher half full of ice and pour the simple sugar in the pitcher, stir to mix the simple sugar and lemon juice together.  Add enough water to fill the pitcher…  done!

And it’s time to get Kinky!!

Nadine’s Kinky Lemonade

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, half full. Add 2 shots of Kinky Liqueur and 1 shot of Coconut Rum. I love Malibu Rum! And Parrot Bay Coconut rum! So use whatever Coconut Rum you like… Stir! and add more lemonade to top off the glass!!

Roy loves this!! He said I needed a name for it so… Kinky Lemonade it is!
Way better that than skinnybroad crap!! Seriously, if you think those are good Margarita’s, make the drive to Oklahoma and let me make you a cocktail or two! I promise it’s worth the drive.


Johanson Family said...

YUM!!! Love this-- is it 5:00 yet? I think you should totally get the copy writes to Nadine's Kinky Lemonade!
Thanks so much for linking up with me!! Off to pin!! :) xoxo

Stacie said...

A glass of lemonade sounds good right about now!

Nicole said...

haha nice!

Becca said...

Yum! Sounds so good!

Date Girl said...

yup yup, I want it. That sounds amazing!

becca said...

YUM will be right over for drinks

gretchen said...

Ah! Totally evil!