Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends, Friemnies, And Boundaries…


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I have been kickin’ this around in my head for weeks now, I don’t know how to put it all into words. All the new people that now come here would be totally lost. All of my peeps that have been here since the beginning of The VelvetTush know… But I’m just gonna ramble. You’ll get the idea.

I had a friend. One that would give a kidney if she needed it.

Well. I’m keepin’ the kidney! She can just fuck off!

She has a husband that is such a control freak that HE PLANS MY COOKOUTS!! AT MY HOUSE!! He was invitin’ people over based on those with hot wives that he wanted to see nekked! He want to perv on all the wives… Well, I fixed his little red wagon, and got him drunk and showed him just exactly what that looks like to have a man perv on HIS WIFE.

Lesson learned!

He tells her where she can go and what she can do. He tells her what to wear. Who she can be friends with… which isn’t me!

I have tried to break away from them for 2 years now but as Roy works with the Asshole, it’s not been easy to do.

She felt she could call Roy whenever she wanted, to ask him to come over to her house to do things for her that her husband wouldn’t do or was to chickshit to do… he will not climb up on the roof.

Or she would text Roy anytime.

On his birthday, she called him.

On my birthday, she left a message on Facebook.

Which leads me to this, she and her hub would tell Roy what I put on my status or would say to others, becuz they felt he didn’t know. Some he did. Some he didn’t. But all harmless.

I knew that they were doing this, so I baited them time and time again, with them tellin’ Roy each and every time. But again, Roy knew. And we laughed at their stupidity.

Over the years, I have asked her to come with me to the gym, and she never did. I have been thinkin’ about takin’ a Zumba class and saw that my gym had posted photos of the class. Guess who was in the class?? She didn’t ask me to join her!! But best of all, her hub didn’t know she was in the class either!!!

And I’m glad that I had nothing to do with that!!


For some reason, after that incident, those two told Roy a lie. It’s one thing for them to tell him things that I do but to make up shit and tell him… them’s fightin’ words!!!

I wasn’t laughin’ at them now. I’m ready to strap on my dildo for battle becuz someone is gettin' fucked up!!

I stirred the pot some more on Facebook… which prompted calls from family and REAL friends as to what was going on… And then I unfriended her.

She sent me a text: “You’ve unfriended me again. what have I don’t now? lol” And she added, “Facebook is the only way I keep up with you.”

What?? She seems to be able to call my man but she can’t call me??? or text me???

Bitch!! She’s taller than me and has 30 pounds on me but I will drop an elbow on her.

I’m not laughin’: “You and your hub tell Roy things I’ve said, thinking he doesn’t know. I don’t need that kind of friend. I tell the world EVERYTHING why would you think he wouldn’t know. He is the center of my world. how dare you think I would hurt him.”

The end of a friendship.


Roy has deleted all phone numbers from his phone that belong to THAT family except that asshole’s becuz he needs it for work. And as far as I know nothing has been said to him at work about the whole thing.

I’m sure that Asshole is tickled pink I’m not speakin’ to his wife.


Stacy Uncorked said...

You definitely don't need those kinds of friends in your life. At all. A good friend once told me that you'll be able to count all your true friends on one hand in your lifetime...he was right. I've had friends come and go - mostly because I'm a giver and those that were ships passing in the night were users. I'm a lot pickier about who my friends are now. ;)

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allstarme said...

It's funny how once people get to be adults, some of them never really stop acting like children.

Impulsive Addict said...

That is some definite drama! I love it! I only love stuff when I'm not involved. When you posted about her a while back on Roy's birthday, I knew I didn't like her. I'm glad you got rid of her.

Thanks for linking up and calling me cool. We all know I'm really not but thanks anyway! =)

Shawn said...

Yeah that boitch had to go. Please, please, please take video if you drop an elbow on her I have got to see that! Something tells me you're not someone I would want on the other side.

Thanks for linking up with us, you know how much we love you and that velvet tush of yours!

Stacie said...

Good riddance, it sounds like!

Jill said...

Definitely sounds like you don't need friends like that...you must be relieved to be done with them!!

VandyJ said...

With "friends" like that you don't need enemies. Better off without the drama--we are past high school. Not that some people get that memo.

Nicole said...

Oh wow! I had a friend similar to that... she was a frenemy with a capital F!

Connie Weiss said...

What the heck is wrong with people! She needs a hobby.

Heathers Happenings said...

That asshole sound exactly like my first hubby.

Un-friending her sounds like the best thing ever.

becca said...

sounds like you did the best thing possible for you..hugs

Lourie said...

Sounds like high school. You did the right thing.

Chell said...

Totally hate peeps like that. Sounds like the schnizzle that goes on in our hood.... ok so not really. But we do have a few "couples" that way on our block... I jsut want to say grow teh f up!