Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Things I CAN NOT DO AGAIN!!!

Well. As long as Roy doesn’t know about it.

There’s a great big long list but these are 3 new ones add just this last week.

1) Never haul bricks in the car.

“It’s not a truck! We have a truck to haul things like that with and not in the car!”

In my defense, I can’t drive the truck. It’s unsafe for me to drive… well, I’m scare of it now. Don’t get me wrong. That truck and I have history. I’ve been screwed in it. I’ve been the ditch with it. I’ve ran thru the creek and drown the girls it. I’ve “jumped” the train tracks in it. I’ve let it roll down the driveway.

Well. Technically, it was the dog’s fault on the rollin’ down the driveway. The fact that I left it runnin’ and didn’t set the break on it is beside the point. The dog was so excited to be going to work with me that he was jumpin’ up and down and made it move… faster and faster… backwards… down the hill… and out the driveway.

Totally the dog!

Oh And I’m not the one that tried to tear the door off so it opens when you turn a corner. I’m not the one that broke the seat so I can’t move it forward anymore… It’s scary! I have to sit on the edge of the seat and hang on to the steerin’ wheel for dear life just to drive in the pasture.

Anyway, when we go to town in the truck, I may say to Roy I need some bricks or a bag of rocks or mulch or something, and he poopoo’s the idea and I don’t get my stuff.

So I have to do things on my own. In the car.  I bought towels to put the landscapin’ edging brick thingys and I had them home, and unloaded and in place by the time he got home.

But I’m not to do it again… at least until I need more stuff.

2) Use HIS hair brush.

“You get long blonde hairs in it and it tickles me.”

He’s bald. Sorta.

OH BOO HOO!! I like his brush. It feels so good to have it scratch my head. So when he goes to bed, I use to brush my hair.

I always forget to clean it out. Or maybe I just leave the hair in there to get on his nerves!

“Go buy you a brush! And quit usin’ mine!” So I did. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t very well “test” in the store! I bought a boar’s hair brush and traded with him. If I don’t like it, I won’t use it.

It’s like his razor. I don’t like it so I don’t use it. But I have noticed that he will use mine! What’s up with that??

I think this is one thing I’m not “allowed” to do… like usin’ the weedeater… I will stick to! But haulin’ bricks, that’s ify.

3) I am not to be in the bathroom while he’s poopin’.

“Do not come in here! It bothers me to be watched while I’m poopin’”

Now you would think I could easily NOT DO THIS but there is always a reason I need to be in the bathroom while he’s in there… at anytime… even while he’s poopin’!

After almost 18 years, he’s finally put his foot down on me about bathroom boundaries. I think that is totally unfair. I’ve never been able to be in the bathroom alone! When the girls lived at home, that’s where we held family meeting’s!! One kid on the cabinet, Roy leanin’ against the cabinet, one kid in the doorway, while I’m sittin’ on the pot!!

So I find it perfectly normal to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth or dig around in my jewelry box while he’s in there.

Right? He’s being totally unreasonably about these 3 new things!HiRes

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Impulsive Addict


VandyJ said...

Totally. Although pooping is about the only time I get to be alone in the bathroom anymore, so I take waht I can get.
Nick had a truck once--an old Ford--that I refused to drive. It was standard (I have nothing against standards) and you had to start it in second gear because it was geared so low. I flat refused to drive it. I wasn't about to wrestle and lose to the truck.

Impulsive Addict said...

You seriously crack me up!!!!!

Pooping is NEVER something I get to enjoy all to myself. M or Emma or BOTH will always be right there ready for a good conversation or in Emma's case....wanting to SEE. Ugh. Where's the privacy?

Thanks for linking up Miss Nadine!

Stacie said...

You are too much!

My husband never needs to take a poop until I have just settled myself in the tub with bubbles and a trashy magazine. Totally spoils it!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm with Roy on the poopin.

Jill said...

Bahahaha!! Hilarious!!

When I was a kid, we often held family meetings in the bathroom...and I also seem to need in the bathroom when someone else is in there, I feel your pain!! ;)

Chell said...

I totally keep plastic in my trunk to haul landscaping stuff when needed... who needs a truck LOL.

What is it about the bathroom? I can totally understand where your hubs is coming from. I mean, I would really love to just be in there once without interuption from a family member or the dog sitting there watching me.

Nicole said...

You totally crack me up!

Emmy said...

Yrs, especially unreasonable about the toliet as why should he be allowed to poop in peace?? And hey, you put towels down- totally okay to haul the pavers.

becca said...

yes trucks are for hauling bricks not cars and OMG the whole poopin thing had me gigling

Lourie said...

Oh poop time is my time. hahahaha. The rest is negotiable. hehehe. ;)

Stacy Uncorked said...

OMG you had me in tears laughing through your entire post! You crack me up!!

I'd totally haul bricks in the car when necessary, too. Especially after all your truck antics, I'm surprised he'd even consider letting you drive the truck. ;)

I wouldn't want to be near the bathroom when my hubby's pooping - that boy is stinky. Just sayin'. :)

Time Flies, Mother Nature’s Hot Flash, Princess Nagger’s Final Words

Shawn said...

OK I'm stuck on the fact that you are even able to brush your teeth while he's poopin'. EEwww!

You've certainly done a lot of stuff in that truck! Did the seat break while you were crewing in it? Never mind, don't answer that!

I'm glad you didn't add a 4th thing...not participate in a swap again because your partner NEVER SENT YOU A GIFT! You're such a good sport!

Thanks for lining up with us!

Amanda said...

The brush is fair game