Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well. Roy. UGH!!

He decided to build his own gun range. It’s more that just a pile of dirt and a target. That would have been too simple. There is a concrete and blocks and diggin’ involved, lots of diggin’!

He always tells me what he wants to do… like I really care. But he does. And tells me how much it’s gonna cost… and it NEVER comes in at budget. Not one time. And he always replies, “it’s a cost overrun.”

This gun range… is a work in progress. So one day I went out there to see what all the concrete is for… walls and steps, not just to hold the blocks in place… and a sidewalk.


“I don’t think I was informed about the sidewalk.”

He grins one of those opossum eatin’ shit grins, “I needed something to stand on while I made my steps.”

"It looks like a COST OVERRUN TO ME!”

I wouldn’t mind the “cost overruns” but when the credit card bill comes in, I get a lecture about unnecessary spending.

Jackass! IMG_4256This is before the added sidewalk and steps.


SMJ said...

IT'S A COST OVERRUN!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally stealing Roy's line the next time I go fabric shopping. ;)

Nicole said...

of course the spending of your stuff means something... less money for him... LOL :)

Colleen said...

Sounds oh so familiar, right to the grief about the bill...