Sunday, March 18, 2012

3 Things That Piss Me Off…

Today… There’s a long list of things that piss me off but I thought I’d narrow it down to just 3 things today.

1) Birds! Yes birds! They poop on my car. They sing out my bedroom window. They torment my cats… they sit on the wisteria bush out side the front door and taunt the housecats. They hop around lookin’ all cute and tweety like with 3 or 4 cats crouched down with their ears pinned back makin’ squirrel noises. Have you heard a cat make squirrel noises? They do!

2) The Cats!!!!!! I take up for them becuz the birds are tauntin’ them and what do they do to repay me??? poop in the floor!!!! UGH!!! They have this HUGE litter box that is clean and has good litter… I don’t cheap out on them… and ONE OF THEM POOPS IN THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!

3) Roy’s Job! He came home after workin’ a 10 hour shift. He did a couple of odd jobs around the house while I made supper and his phone goes off! He’s call back to work!! No time to eat!! He didn’t do anything all day long but gets called back in about 6pm… and is out until 9am the next day!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!???!!! All night long to fix a water leak. I realize that there are people with out water and it must be done but why work a man into the ground? Why not have 2 shifts on rotation to relieve those that have already put in a full days work??

Even Western Union gave the riders fresh horses!


angel shrout said...

I am not fond of birds either, except hummingbirds. I now know why you have yet to get your package and this one is on me. It is on it's way back to me for more postage and the right address. I used the wrong zip code and it was sitting somewhere in Missouri before going back to Indiana which apparently has the zip code of 47370. Hangs head in shame. You may shoot me now. BUT I am adding to it for all the stuff that has happened.. only this time I am sending it from the merchant lol. Please don't shoot me I am soooo sorry. I have run all week and went to trace it and it said returned undeliverable till I read the zip code and I was like DUHHHH angel. I promise I am not normally this scatterbrained. Please Please Please forgive me.

Lin said...

Bird poop is so gross. I hate it when you wash your car & the next minute there's all kinds of bird poop all over haha.

Sorry about your husband always being called away. That really sucks, I'd be so annoyed.

Connie Weiss said...

That should be against the law.

The working the man...not the pooping birds!