Thursday, February 02, 2012

Stretching, Goals, And My Big Ass…

I have finally reached a goal at the gym that I can hold on to and let my laziness take away from me. I achieved 300 miles at the gym!! It may have taken me a long time to get it but I made it! It’s not like the weight challenge at all, becuz I should just give them back the tshirt becuz I gained all the weight back. But 300 miles, no possible way I can fuck that up! Next goal is 500 miles!

But I know you’re all here to hear about the GymHo! And I did you one better! I made a video!!

Not of her!

I’m not that mean!!

Not today.

So you get to see my big ass! And not some skinny chick’s ass… if I can get it to load to Youtubey. The first time it didn’t work.

I’m not saying she should stretch, I just sayin’ she should choose a better spot to do it. I have my backside to the wall when I stretch.

And then she sits on a machine for 15 minutes! Do you know how long that is in GymTime??? AGES!!!!! That my friends is called a MachineHog! It could be she just can’t text and work out.


So there you have it… and my big ass.


becca said...

first love the outfit that be something i wear. second i bet the men at the gym enjoy their view while on treadmill and she of course loves the attention.

Emmy said...

Yep, you tagged her just right it sounds like

busana muslim said...

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