Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slingin’ Orders…

Saturday Am, Roy was puttin’ on his boots and I said, “Whatcha gonna do?”

“Something outside.”

“Oh Good! There was something I needed you to do but I can’t think of it right now.”

“GOOD!” and he went to lacin’ up those boots faster.

“It wasn’t tillin’ the garden.” we had already talked about that. “We’ve talked about a fish pond for Ruffles and it wasn’t that either.”

I’ve never seen him put on both boots so fast.

“I just can’t remember what it was.”

Why my brain blacks out on all those things I want Roy to do, I will never know!

He said, “Good. I don’t need you to find stuff for me to do.”

“It was important. Why can’t I remember? There’s food in the sink that needs to be thrown out. The water in the mailbox stand needs to be dumped out. But neither of those were it. The big job. Are you in a hurry?”

“Yes!” He had his keys and his cell phone on his belt and was swingin’ on his coat, “And don’t call me when you think of it! It’s a hassle to take off the gloves and dig out the phone.”

“I’ll call when the Spirit moves me! Don’t make me come out there! You don’t’ want me to come out there!”

He was gigglin’ at me… And I still can’t remember what it was I wanted him to do! Total Brain Fart!


Nicole said...

don't you hate that!

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok, well I have brain farts daily. It drives me insane! I'll call someone and have to tell them "Oh never mind. I don't remember why I called you". LOSER.

Anyway, I know that Angel had some trouble getting your gift to you. Her post office must hate her. However, the link will be open for several days. Let me know when your gift arrives. =)

Katy said...

Story of my life. I can barely remember to get up in the morning--luckily I've got a house full of screamers willing to help me out with that.

Becca said...

You make me laugh so hard! How is the knee?