Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures With Roy And Nadine…


I’m daydreamin’ again with Becca at R We There Yet Mom?

This is a reprint of one of my adventures in 2009… Enjoy!

The Ick Factor...

For those that do not know....I've been gone on a cruise.
Standard Cruise Stuff Happened....but for one lone thing....
My biggest fear in life is that I'll drown, so I don't swim.
That fear doesn't keep me from gettin' on a cruise ship.
Or going to the beach.
Or ownin' a swimmin' pool for that matter.
What it does keep me from doing, is snorkelin'.
So when I was lookin' over shore excursions I wanted to go to see the sting rays. I would get to be in the water and enjoy Grand Cayman....and Roy can snorkel.
"Honey, Is that okay with you?"
He said no.
"Well do you want to parasail with me? Becuz it's one or the other."
Like he really had a choice.
The excursion says it would be in knee-deep water, with dog gentle sting rays.
I'm game.
So we loaded up and off we went with our underwater camera and sunscreen to play amongst the sting rays.
Roy looked over the top of the boats to where all the other boats had dropped anchor and said the water was chest deep on him!!
I'm in over my head...literally!!
When we actually dropped anchor and others had gotten in the water is wasn't as deep as first thought. I could manage....ON MY TIPPY TOES!
So as I worked my way out to the shallow water the waves pushed me around like a fishin' bobber. I was bumpin' into strangers as I bobbed back and forth.
Then I began to notice that there were things bumpin' into me!!!
I squealed, "ewah! ewah!"
A sting ray would swim by and graze my legs.

cruise 2009 011
The others on the excursion thought that was funny and laughed at me.
When I was about stomach deep I had a small sting ray graze my shins.
"ewah! ewah! ewah!"
And then a 2nd small one bumped me a bit higher.
"Ewah!! EEWWah!!! EWAH!!!
I noticed as a opened my eyes that a 3rd one .....huge one....It looked to be 15 feet wide...more like 4 foot across was headed my way and bumped me.
I thought that thing is gonna knock me down and all 3 would cover me and NO ONE WILL EVER SEE ME!!!!
That was all she wrote!!!
I let out the alarm!!!
I screeched "HONEY!!!!!" in that voice that he hates!
That voice that I yell across HellMart at him.
My knight in shining armour....The love of my life...The one that carries me around on a pink satin goose down pillow so that my feet do not touch the ground where mere mortals tread....stood there!!
Beet Red!!
Blendin' in with the others that had turned to watch me drown and wondered who was HONEY?!!
The tour operator told me to come to the group....that whole safety in numbers thing.

cruise 2009 004
Later after I had gotten used to the ICKy feel....we kissed and made up.
Me and the littlest sting ray....not me and Roy!!

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angel shrout said...

Oh see I would love that, of course I can swim and even if I couldn't I am so big up top that I float whether I want to or not lol.

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

We did that when we went to the Grand Camans too - but where we went into the water, you couldn't touch, you just swam around with them - so I wasn't subjected to having to kiss a sting ray - that would make me go EWWWWWWW!!!

Thanks for linking up!! YOU ROCK!!


Lisa said...

I don't swim either so I'm not sure that I'd want to be in the water with stingrays but I expect my family would shame me into it. I get the whole ick thing too - I was mocked very badly in the Bahamas because I didn't want to hold a dead fish to feed to a dolphin. I eventually did it because the trainer would not stop harassing me but dead fish are disgusting and slimy and I hated every minute of it!

Sabrina - Country Skipper said...

I love all things underwater, but I'm not sure I'd wanna kiss a ray :) Fun though!

Steve said...

Oh man do I know that voice. I understand why your husband tried to shrink away...I've done it many times.
Love the story though. I think it's cool that you kissed the ray at the end.

Emmy said...

See you are amazing and brave- you were kissing that thing! It just took you a liitle bit to remember how brave you are :)

Jessica said...

I bet that was quite the slippery kiss! I love Stingrays and have swam with them and fed them, but I might draw the line at kissing them.

Date Girl said...

I would have been scared too! That Roy, what a punk! Glad you kissed and made up with the ray. Those pictures are awesome, ESP where you look scared as shit! Lol!

Impulsive Addict said...

I did that on our cruise too. That was before the crocodile dude died from a sting ray. Now? I'll NEVER feed those suckers again!! Eww!!!

Theresa S. said...

Not sure I'd want to be in there with the Rays myself. I don't mind touching them in the touch tank, but keep them away from me when I'm in the water! I would love to get in there with dolphins, though.