Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slingin’ Orders…

Saturday Am, Roy was puttin’ on his boots and I said, “Whatcha gonna do?”

“Something outside.”

“Oh Good! There was something I needed you to do but I can’t think of it right now.”

“GOOD!” and he went to lacin’ up those boots faster.

“It wasn’t tillin’ the garden.” we had already talked about that. “We’ve talked about a fish pond for Ruffles and it wasn’t that either.”

I’ve never seen him put on both boots so fast.

“I just can’t remember what it was.”

Why my brain blacks out on all those things I want Roy to do, I will never know!

He said, “Good. I don’t need you to find stuff for me to do.”

“It was important. Why can’t I remember? There’s food in the sink that needs to be thrown out. The water in the mailbox stand needs to be dumped out. But neither of those were it. The big job. Are you in a hurry?”

“Yes!” He had his keys and his cell phone on his belt and was swingin’ on his coat, “And don’t call me when you think of it! It’s a hassle to take off the gloves and dig out the phone.”

“I’ll call when the Spirit moves me! Don’t make me come out there! You don’t’ want me to come out there!”

He was gigglin’ at me… And I still can’t remember what it was I wanted him to do! Total Brain Fart!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I know I haven't been around lately… just not a lot to tell. I have some things I’ve been mullin’ over and can’t quite put it into words that you can understand the WHOLE THING!!
Roy and I are goin’ today to get something that is LONG OVER DUE… which isn’t related to the teaser above. Totally different things.
And lastly I’ve just been lazy.
And that about sums it up.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures With Roy And Nadine…


I’m daydreamin’ again with Becca at R We There Yet Mom?

This is a reprint of one of my adventures in 2009… Enjoy!

The Ick Factor...

For those that do not know....I've been gone on a cruise.
Standard Cruise Stuff Happened....but for one lone thing....
My biggest fear in life is that I'll drown, so I don't swim.
That fear doesn't keep me from gettin' on a cruise ship.
Or going to the beach.
Or ownin' a swimmin' pool for that matter.
What it does keep me from doing, is snorkelin'.
So when I was lookin' over shore excursions I wanted to go to see the sting rays. I would get to be in the water and enjoy Grand Cayman....and Roy can snorkel.
"Honey, Is that okay with you?"
He said no.
"Well do you want to parasail with me? Becuz it's one or the other."
Like he really had a choice.
The excursion says it would be in knee-deep water, with dog gentle sting rays.
I'm game.
So we loaded up and off we went with our underwater camera and sunscreen to play amongst the sting rays.
Roy looked over the top of the boats to where all the other boats had dropped anchor and said the water was chest deep on him!!
I'm in over my head...literally!!
When we actually dropped anchor and others had gotten in the water is wasn't as deep as first thought. I could manage....ON MY TIPPY TOES!
So as I worked my way out to the shallow water the waves pushed me around like a fishin' bobber. I was bumpin' into strangers as I bobbed back and forth.
Then I began to notice that there were things bumpin' into me!!!
I squealed, "ewah! ewah!"
A sting ray would swim by and graze my legs.

cruise 2009 011
The others on the excursion thought that was funny and laughed at me.
When I was about stomach deep I had a small sting ray graze my shins.
"ewah! ewah! ewah!"
And then a 2nd small one bumped me a bit higher.
"Ewah!! EEWWah!!! EWAH!!!
I noticed as a opened my eyes that a 3rd one .....huge one....It looked to be 15 feet wide...more like 4 foot across was headed my way and bumped me.
I thought that thing is gonna knock me down and all 3 would cover me and NO ONE WILL EVER SEE ME!!!!
That was all she wrote!!!
I let out the alarm!!!
I screeched "HONEY!!!!!" in that voice that he hates!
That voice that I yell across HellMart at him.
My knight in shining armour....The love of my life...The one that carries me around on a pink satin goose down pillow so that my feet do not touch the ground where mere mortals tread....stood there!!
Beet Red!!
Blendin' in with the others that had turned to watch me drown and wondered who was HONEY?!!
The tour operator told me to come to the group....that whole safety in numbers thing.

cruise 2009 004
Later after I had gotten used to the ICKy feel....we kissed and made up.
Me and the littlest sting ray....not me and Roy!!

Link Up with Becca!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Really???? meth and liquor???

Woo hoo!!



and Adult videos are south to Texas!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Trip Thru Paris…

No I don’t day dream about it. But it’s a small spot on the map of life. I love to do the “tourist traps”. Not that going to see a replica of the Eiffel Tower with a Cowboy hat on it is a trap but a thing to do when you take a road trip.
I wonder what is in Athens, Texas?


DayDreaming with R We There Yet Mom?

And to see what I love... look to yesterday's entry just below.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Our First Kiss…

Today is our Valentine’s Day.

This is a reprint of the story of our first kiss…

The phone is ringing again!
I wonder if it is the girls with a Dorito Emergency. It's only 2:30....can't be.
I'll bet it's my stalker.
He comes in here 3 times a day...once after I get to work....sometime in the middle of the shift....and one last time before I go home. I only work 4 hours!
He plays me music over the phone...Bad Moon on the Rise.....Secret Agent Man....and his favorite, "Robbin' people with a six gun, I fought the law and the law won."
He has a crush on me.
I knew it the first day he walked into my store. I made him nervous.
I made a grown man with a gun on his hip, NERVOUS! ME!!
He knocked over a display rack becuz I touched his hand. Geez!!
And he loves my short skirts.
He watches me stick the tanks.
He watches me restock the cooler.
But he really loves holding the ladder when I change the gas prices.
"What are you doing up there?" he said.
"What does it look like I'm doin'?"....Idiot! He loves to give me grief!
"You are going to cause a wreck! You know you are showing your panties to the people that drive by."
"What color are they?"
All nervous and blushing, he said, "I can't tell, all I see is butt cheeks."
"Okay then if you can't see the panties, there is no problem. Why do you care? Are you afraid you will lose your place in line?"
Blushing with a goofy grin, "I have a place in line? Let me help you down."
And he loves beyond all things, is to argue with me!
I don't understand that! We have debated about everything from Onside kicking to VietnamVets vs DesertStorm Heros.
The man is impossible!
He loves to make me mad!
He came in all pissy once becuz he couldn't wash his windshield becuz there wasn't any water in the squeegie thingy.
Ticked me off....he made such a big deal of it.....with all those people standin' around!
I grabbed up a bucket of water and trotted my HappyAss right out there.
He was sittin' in his CopCar with that StupidAss grin on his face. I'll bet he is thrilled to be near me!
I stopped at the front of his car and reared back with that bucket of water and threw it all over his windshield!
Take that!
"You're welcome!" I said as I turned on my heal and marched back inside.
He just sat there like what the hell just happened!
And then he started laughing!!
He apologized later and confessed, "You're so cute when you stomp your feet when you're mad."
The phone is still ringing. This has gone on for 6 months....It's gotta be him?
What song will he play for me today?
All he said was, "Meet me."
I wasn't outta the car 3 seconds when he leaned down to kiss me.
That kiss went all the way to my toes!!
I had my hands on his a solid as a rock!!
He backed up and shivered and shook his leg...he felt it too. "Wooooh! I have wanted to do that for so long!"
I smiled, "I'm glad I can do that for you."
He leaned down again and this kiss went for my groin.....and it felt good!
I pushed him back. "I'm married and I'm miserable."
He replied, "I'm married and I don't want a divorce."
To make myself perfectly clear, "No strings! This is just for Shiggles and Git!"
He smiled, "Shiggles and Git!"
That was 15 years ago.......Roy and I have not been apart since!

And now 20!

DrPhil Screw you!

Another reprint…

One night durin' supper...

"Honey, We were on DrPhil today."

Roy looked up from cuttin' his steak and said,"Splain that one, Lucy."

"Well it would seem that this woman was being neglected by her husband and she started an affair with another man. They fell in love. They both were gettin' divorces and her husband was upset becuz he didn't realize that she was unhappy and was shocked that she wanted a divorce. I mean...Come On! He was neglectin' her how could he know?"

I paused to let that soak in.

"Doesn't that sound really familiar to you?"

He nodded his head, "So how did we fair?"

"DrPhil ripped us a new one! He said we had disrespected our spouses and our marriages even if there wasn't anything left in those marriages. That we had acted irresponsible by starting our relationship before fully ending our first one. That our marriage wouldn't last becuz our relationship was based on selfishness."

Roy just grinned.

DrPhil....You can kiss my lily white ass!!!

We were just with the wrong people the first time around.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day Dreamin’…


My last cruise to Key West and the Bahamas'… And I dearly wish I could be on that cruise ship again! No cruises this year.
Linkup with R We There Yet Mom?
And see where everyone else day dreams about!

And if you didn’t stop by yesterday to see the my video… so right now and watch it!
Geez! I don’t do these things to amuse myself!

Stretching, Goals, And My Big Ass…

I have finally reached a goal at the gym that I can hold on to and let my laziness take away from me. I achieved 300 miles at the gym!! It may have taken me a long time to get it but I made it! It’s not like the weight challenge at all, becuz I should just give them back the tshirt becuz I gained all the weight back. But 300 miles, no possible way I can fuck that up! Next goal is 500 miles!

But I know you’re all here to hear about the GymHo! And I did you one better! I made a video!!

Not of her!

I’m not that mean!!

Not today.

So you get to see my big ass! And not some skinny chick’s ass… if I can get it to load to Youtubey. The first time it didn’t work.

I’m not saying she should stretch, I just sayin’ she should choose a better spot to do it. I have my backside to the wall when I stretch.

And then she sits on a machine for 15 minutes! Do you know how long that is in GymTime??? AGES!!!!! That my friends is called a MachineHog! It could be she just can’t text and work out.


So there you have it… and my big ass.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I’m Just Burstin’ With Stuff…

But I have other commitments at the moment.

A sneak peek… I have to type them out or I’ll forget it… so here they are:

the GymHo stretches.

300 mile club.

New rules for the pool.

20th Anniversary of Our 1st Kiss

The Cat Deterrent.


I know. I know. You’re just breathless to find out all about the GymHo. But I take my linkups seriously and I have to make sure I make the rounds.

Until later.