Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hump Day Q&A…

Becuz it’s Wednesday and I don’t really want to get into all the crap that’s in my head at the moment… it need to percolate and drain to filter out all the needless bullshit!
So I’m doing the Wednesday Linkup with Mamarazzi, Queso, and Crazymama.
 Link UP!!
{1} What do you love about blogging? I started bloggin’ on a whim as a way to vent and people started readin’ it and so I lurked them and they made me laugh and I started LEAVING COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we started emailin’ and chattin’ and facebookin’ and now I have some of THE BEST FRIENDS!!!!! Seriously. I leave comments and see what happens!
{2} What is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener? Tough Question! I like a lot! I not allowed to have candles… becuz of all the times I’ve left them goin’ unsupervised… I haven’t burned a building down… yet. I love the flowery ones.
Not roses or lavender… smell like old lady!
Speakin’ of old lady… I was in the bathroom at Roy’s doctor’s office and you know that smell of old lady with 2 week old underwear on that has a yeast infection… that is what that bathroom smelled like! Of all people that can afford to have that little skunk air freshener in the john, You’d think they would!! A heavy dose of roses and lavender would have been nice!
{3} How would you describe your style? My style of what?
My style of clothing… modern to old school preppy to biker chick.
My style of books… suspense mysteries to chick lit.
My style of movies… anything but bad porn. Believe me there is some bad porn. The chick is so fakin’ it when the second the man touches her boob and she orgasms.
My style of bloggin’… keepin’ it real!
{4} What are 3 things your dream home would have that your current home doesn't have? A bigger closet!! One big enough to walk in and house the washer and dryer and all my purses and shoes.
A bigger bedroom. I have a king size bed crammed in a room and only have enough room to walk around it.
This will sound odd, but a smaller kitchen. Seriously. Smaller. I could run a track meet in here!! The one I have is laid out all wrong. The fridge is way over on the other side way away from the sink and the stove. Oh The Stove isn’t even in the system of cabinets!! There is nothing on either side of it. When I fell thru the floor and priced the new kitchen cabinets and flooring… well. I still have all the old ones! Too Much For Me!
{5} Do you look at your keyboard when you type? No, as a matter of fact I look at the screen. And sometimes… all of the time… My hands are flyin’ all around in the air and typin’ at the same time… I talk with my hands so naturally they fly off the keyboard all the time for effect of the story. I’ve been asked more than once, “what the hell are you doin’? Tryin’ to fly?”


Jolene said...

It does sound like a strange place to put an oven@

You made me bust up when you were talking about the bathroom. :)

Nicole said...

I feel ya, I want a bigger closet too!

Jill said...

Ooooo a bigger closet...What I'd give for a big walk-in closet...It would make life so much easier!!!

Becca said...

Who wouldn't love a bigger closet!

Colleen said...

I came into blogging much the same way . . .

And I LOVE the last answer :-)

becca said...

hehe i love you talk with your hands

Mamarazzi said...

heheheee...not allowed to burn candles. my husband is thrilled that i found scentsy and doesn't even blink about the cost because he will never find another candle burning unsupervised again.

thanks for linking up!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

the bathroom and the bad porn comments where hilarious.

love your style, glad you are back to linking up.

Adie said...

I loved your answers, very fun to read!

I can not watch a porn at all, I think they are all so fake!

Have a great week!

(stopping by from mamarazzi)

Myya said...

Bigger closets would be sooo awesome. Actually any sort of storage would be great!

What the hell you doin... tryin to fly... baawwwhaaahaa, you had me cracking up!

Martha said...

I just literally laughed out loud about the bathroom. Like, belly laugh. Thanks for that-I needed it!