Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Doppelganger…

This Scooter. IMG_2956

He is quick as lightnin’ and yes, he has a shoe fetish. We just live with it. He’s in my shoes or Roy’s boots… every one has their thing.

One night Roy was lookin’ out the front door and noticed Scooter was out on the front porch. There’s no tellin’ how long he’s been out there!!

Once I came home from work and couldn’t find him! I turned the house up side down and shook it and NO SCOOTER dropped out! I was headed out to where Roy was mowin’, he’d been mowin’ all day in the heat. He was gonna help me find Scooter. I was marchin’ Roy back to the house on the verge of tears… And there on the back porch laid Scooter! All Hot From Being OUT ALL DAY LONG!!

Once, I was doin’ the dishes to look out the kitchen window to see Scooter sittin’ on the light bar of Roy’s CopCar!!

And now, big as Texas, Scooter outside at night on the front porch!! Roy went out to get him. And of course he ran around the house… like he always does! Roy was stompin’ around in the backyard hollerin’ for Scooter, gettin' madder by the minute, when I noticed, SCOOTER WAS CURLED UP IN A BALL BEHIND THE WOODSTOVE!!!

Who the hell was Roy tryin’ to catch?? A cat that looks exactly like our cat!!

We’ve watched for Scooter2 and he comes up every night to eat with the outside cats.


M&Co. said...

At least it was a friendly varmit Roy was chasing and not a possum or something equally mean and vile.

Impulsive Addict said...

Maybe it's Scooter's kin. His twin? I want a cat. M hates them. =(

Lin said...

Ha, Scooter has a twin! I love your stories.

Martha said...

A doppelganger cat! That's great! This story reminds me of that commercial with the lady who lets her cat in but it's really a skunk!

On a side note, I tagged you in a game of blog tag if you're interested!