Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Break-Up…

It’s a sad, sad day. The end of a very good relationship… I have heard that all good things must come an end. I don’t really understand that concept. Why? Why can’t things go on forever?

Friday, I needed to go to Hellmart. I needed Roy to drive the car. It didn’t feel right at all. The car and I are as one and I know when something is wrong with it. You’ve seen Avatar. Imagine me with my tail plugged into my car and we glide the roads of Oklahoma as one. I’ve often referred to it as my X-Wing Fighter becuz the Force drives us together… not Roy! He doesn’t drive it as much as I do. He’s not in tune with it. He doesn’t drive it right!! So of course we bitch at each other all the freakin’ way to town!

Before we went to Hellmart, he wanted to eat something, so we went to Sonic. And as we were sittin’ there waitin’ for our food, I noticed some that the mechanic had screwed up on my car! And here we go again, Roy and I bitchin’ and bawlin’ at each other over my car.

“Honey, You know how I am about this car! I want it to be right. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and I’ll ever get…”

“What do you want from me? It’s old and it’s gonna have problems.”

“I want you to sympathize with me about this car! You know how I am about it. I want it to be right!”

“It’s old. Thing are gonna were out.”

Now I’m mad! I have been bitchin’ at him for the last 20 minutes but I wasn’t mad. I hadn’t raised my voice but now I’m piss smooth off.

“Well then we might as well trade it off!”

“You don’t mean that.” And deep down I didn’t. I knew that he would understand my frustration about the car though.

We left Sonic and drove less than one block to the Chevy Dealer. Roy said, “We are not buying anything. We are just looking.” I nodded in agreement becuz I know what we can afford and what we can’t. I would be perfectly happy drivin’ a used car as long as I always had my Camaro to drive too. You know leave it set and pull it out for road trips but not for every day use. Save it some mileage and wear and tear on the old girl.

I kept my mouth shut and let the men do all the talkin’… but when Roy said, “let’s crunch some numbers and see what we come up with” I felt the knife going in!

And when Roy said, “Trade the Camaro.” The tears started to fall!! Serious tears. I had to walk out. I left the building! I had men runnin’ after me. I was losin’ my baby!!

My car.


I love my car.

It would kill me to see it with stupid ass 17 year old boy drivin’ it around with dents in it or freakin’ ugly paint job!!




He made me give my girl car for a boy car… I’m crying now.


It’s a Transformer!! the Bumble Bee.



I’m coping. It’s really hard.


Martha said...

Wow, tough life.
I laughed out loud while reading...and my husband thought i was crazy.
LOVE the new car. Especially the color!

Lin said...

Haha, yeah it looks like you're having a really difficult time dealing with your separation. The yellow looks good on you hon ;)

Barbara said...

I love the new car....I want a camaro also...I just want mine in navy or black....but I dont see it in my future this year...maybe next....

Kristine said...

Love the Bumblebee!!! Love your expression too!

Just saying hi from a new follower!