Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

2011 was not my year! It sucked for me health-wise! I want 2011 to Jolly the Fuck OUT!!
Next year is the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar… And I am A DRAGON!!
It is my year and I will make it a good one. My resolution is to be happy and spread as much of my Happy Shit all around!
I think that is a good goal!
Be Positive! I will not let those miserable people get to me. If they want to wallow in their negativity and meanness, they can do it without me!

And just so you know, Roy’s a Tiger!!
Figures! Actually, he’s the ying to my yang!

Don’t drink and drive! Just don’t!
Hugs and have fun... Party like it’s 2012!!


Nicole said...

hehehe I giggled and giggled with some of your choice phrases here. Love it!

becca said...

Happy New year

Katy said...

I'm a horse and Charlie is a pig. I have no idea about Hubby or the twins--I will have to check. 2011 wasn't a terrible time for me, but I remember wanting to drop-kick 2007 out the door.

Happy New Year!