Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas, Family Bullshit, And Divine Intervention…


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I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Not all us are so lucky… As you will learn.

On Christmas Eve Roy prepped my car for my trip to my Granny’s for our Christmas dinner. He discovered that I has a hole in my radiator… SHIT!!!

And Yet… SCORE!!!

I called my grandmother to say that I couldn’t make it to dinner and why. And she said, “Sister! Did you hit a deer?”

Isn’t she so cute?

I didn’t have a mom, but I have a granny. She raised me and I would do anything for her… ANYTHING. But with Granny comes Grandpa. And he’s a JackAss!!!

Remember when he ruined my Christmas a couple of years ago?

And remember when he ruined my trip to California?

Or the time he gave my Twinkies to my StupidAssCousin???

Oh Yeah… He’s a JackAss!

Hold that thought.

While I was on the phone with Granny, I could hear Roy startin’ up the pickup! He’s a good man. One Christmas when I was snowed in, he drove me 6 hours… the trip normally takes 4 but with all the snow in my end of the state, it was slow goin’! But he drove me to my daughter’s so that I could spend time with my grandson for his very first Christmas!! I was there 30 minutes. Roy’s a really good man. And now he’s warmin’ up the truck to take me to my Granny’s!

So I let him off the hook, “I cancelled my plans with my family.”

And he smiled. “I guess I’ll cancel my plans with my family.”


No trip to OKC!!!

About 1:00, RubyJune called all in tears.


“Sister, God put a hole in your radiator so that you didn’t have to come and put up with Grandpa!”

Bless her baby heart, isn’t she cute?

Apparently Grandpa jumped with both feet into the middle of my sister and broke her heart to pieces. She the one that comes runnin’ when he needs the TV fixed or if he needs to go somewhere in Tulsa.

Not no more! RubyJune has had her fill! And I’ll you more about all that later. All is part of the story of my life… sadly.

And becuz of the Divine Intervention, it’s gonna cost me $600 to fix my car!



Heather's Happenings said...

I hate when things go wrong at the holidays.

Hope you and Roy had a good Christmas anyway.

Colleen said...

In the end, I hope it was a wonderful day and wonderful holidays overall.

Sucks about the car. Cars are such a pain in the rear.

Shawn said...

Ugh your Grandpa does does like a real aaahat! You are very lucky to have your Granny and Roy!

Have a very happy and safe New Year and thanks for linking up!

becca said...

Ouch 600.00 that's alot and here i was bitching about 200.00 the unverse is mad i tell ya mad

Sherrie said...

I hope the two of you had a wonderful Christmas together! I'm going to have to start leaving myself sticky notes to remind me to check out your blog, now am I getting old or what??? Love ya!

AMY said...

UGH sorry about your car.....that sucks!

Hope you had a awesome....quiet Christmas at home! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

You poor thing. Can't you catch a break? Why must your grandpa be such an asshat? He must have his whitey tighties too tight or he needs to get some from granny. =)

I hope you still managed to have a good Christmas. Maybe you should start taking donations to help with the $600. Some bloggers have a random paypal button on their page so you can just feel free to give them money. I'm not even joking.

Thanks for linking up!! xoxo