Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can We Talk?

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I just came home from the gym, where I watched a TV Ad selling a man shaver and the man shaved his chest and back and well his whole body… he had hair on his head.

He kept that.

Let’s talk about manscapin’. I’m all for manscapin’ the under carriage… you know… Elvis and the Backup Band. That helps with “face to face chats with Elvis” but when it comes to chest hair, I want my man to be a man and have it!

Remember when you were growin’ up and you teased the boys… what? That was just me?? I did! I teased them as much as they teased me!

Anyway they were so proud of that chest hair, it meant they were men! I would pull on it just for kicks. And every once in a while I’d yank that ONE HAIR OUT!! Oh those boys were so mad at me… and now men shave???

I don’t get it!

Roy’s a hairy man. I love him just that way. 

But how do you feel about a hairless man?

Take a break from all the blogs about Christmas and Giftin’ and all that and tell me what you think about hair on a man.

Maybe one day we’ll chat about “shaved cats”… I don’t get that either.



Jeankfl said...

I like hairy men,too, except for a little manscapin'...But.. I LOVE shaved cats!! I had THREE longhairs, that put out about a pound of hair a day!! I had to vacuum daily just to keep the carpet livable. I can't believe how much better it is without animals.. You know.. But, with summer cuts, they looked so cute!!and didn't shed nearly as much! We called them our poodlekitties. They were embarrassed the first day, but then they kind of enjoyed it. I loved it!!

becca said...

hubby is hairy but I don't mind a smooth chest either i think it is whatever mkes him feel good that counts just like with us ladies whatever makes us feel pretty

Anonymous said...

The men in my life have all had minimal hair on their chest, except for the most recent one. He was furry all over. I don't mind a furry chest, but the furry back was another thing altogether - it tickled when I spooned him.

As with everything, it's a matter of degree. You can have too much of a good thing, IMHO.

Teresa in St Louis

Impulsive Addict said...

I love the hair on a chest {of a man} long as I can't see it up around their neck hanging out in their shirt. That is not appeasing to my eyes. But down around Elvis and the back up band? Hell-to-the-yes please!

Lin said...

I'm all for a man being all man-scaped downstairs but I say keep the chest hair, it's sorta sexy.

The hubs has a bit of it, not much so I'm ok with it :)

Emmy said...

I don't like really hairy- knew a guy that had a hairy back once- yikes! But a little bit up hair yep love it