Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Up My Alley…


It’s all about illness. And we all know I’ve been as sick as a dog!!

Link up with Mamarazzi Or Queso Or Crazymama… she’s new. To me. I’ve been away… and sick as a dog!!

{1} What is your feel better remedy when you are sick?

 My feel better remedy, DVR’d shows and my bed! Roy forced me to eat ramen noodles and drink sprite. Which did make me feel better. He made me put PreparationH on my butthole becuz of the excessive diarrhea made my butt raw. GROSS!! 

And it’s burned!! Of course I had to tell him to blow on it. Remember the story about my ex?? and the Seabreeze and his butthole??

And then my butt was squeegy!

And I’m really sure I didn’t like it… I just don’t remember ever likin’ squeegy butt!

And then there’s the cats!! I don’t trust them when I’m sick! Sure they come and cuddle and purr and massage my neck… or are they just tenderizing me??

Monster came into the bathroom while I was sittin’ on the toilet. He sweetly put his paw on my shoulder as to if to comfort me and give me a gently head butt, all the while purrin’ in concern… or was he?

“HONEY!!! Come get Monster!!! He’s just waitin’ for me to fall off the pot dead so he can eat my face!!!

I’ve a fever too… and was delirious.

I am very thankful that I was not vomittin’ durin’ this last illness. Very!

{2} When illness strikes, what is your policy on staying home from work, school or church with yourself and the family?

Stay home. Why spread an illness?  Spread love not sickness!!

{3} What do you think is worse? Flu or cold?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the flu… so I vote for Shingles and Hives… which my hives are healin’ nicely. Shingles hurt so bad… it’s unbearable. It’s not like any pain I’ve ever felt before… and I’ve had 2 babies!

{4} Flu shots? Do you get them? Have you yet?

The nurses at the clinic have been tryin’ to give me one for 3 years now, and I have either turned it down or was ill and couldn’t get it. You realize is you are runnin’ a fever you can’t get the shot?? So just before I went on the cruise, I had an appt… and agreed to get a flu shot!! Only my regular nurse was on vacation, and her sub was not quite on the ball so it didn’t get done.

Such is life.

{5} When are are feeling down, what is your usual, go-to therapy? (retail therapy, exercise, comfort food, etc).

Feelin’ down? That encompasses a lot. Not just health-wise. I’m a depression eater… so comfort food… like nachos or potato soup.

I love to shop but it’s not to make me feel good so much as to hunt for a bargain.


Amy said...

I love to snuggle up with the DVR and enjoy...

Thankfully I don't get sick much, but I DO have many sick days to take off from work. Maybe I should fake it more often! HA!

Jenn said...

LOL delerious much????

Stacy said...

Great answers! I like your spread the love, not the sickness!!

Connie said...

I like Coke when I'm sick!

I'm torn on the FLU shot. I kind of think it's a racket.

VandyJ said...

Flu shots don't work for the types of flu my boys bring home from school. We just don't really see the point.

Impulsive Addict said...

Did you just talk about buttholes and diarrhea? OMG! You are too much!! Squeegy!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I don't do flu shots. I've never got one and never had the flu. Why mess up a good thing?

Crazymamaof6 said...

YAY! i'm with you on the emotional eating.

bummer you've been sick, LITERALLY! BUMMER.

hope you are feeling better. ramen and sprite are awesome when sick.

Jo Black said...

Thanks for stopping by...I'm your newest follower!


Colleen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

This makes me want nachos.

mommyspice said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You made me feel better. I love Ramen. It's amazing, and sprite helps with hangovers like it's no ones business!

becca said...

omg you are too funny

Gigi Baby said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my page and leaving such sweet messages!! Loved your post. You are hilarious!

Loves and likes ya <3

Mamarazzi said...

OMG you are sooo freaking funny!! that whole episode from the potty had me laughing my ass off.

thanks for linking up...and for visiting everyone, i love that about you!

Bridget said...

I'm sorry you've been sick, but your sense of humor definitely wasn't affected, the potty story was hilarious! Hope you're feeling better, though.

Myya said...

Cats are freaky, you are so right, there is TOTALLY a hidden agenda with them!

Ahhhh comfort food. Yes please anytime, all the time!!!

Dee said...

I hope you're feeling better soon boo!

Alicia said...

BWAHHHAAA!!!! I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU!! nothing is worse than raging diarrhea. my son calls it beefcake butthole lol...this post just made me laugh so hard. thank you thank you thank you!