Monday, October 10, 2011


I was ill at Christmas and it lasted well into the New Year. 2 weeks or so into the New Year.

Then I had shingles. Another not fun thing that lasted for 3 weeks or so… very painful stuff!

Then I discover that I have to have surgery to remove my tumor filled uterus ASAP… that was in March. I’m scheduled for Nov 2nd. I guess on the grand scale of things that 8 months is ASAP.

And now I’ve taken my vacation and come down with a cold that settled in my head and chest. And started my period all at the same time.



Imagine. Driving 12 hours home sneezin’ and coughin’ enough to dislodge a tampon about every 40 or 50 miles.

Imagine. Driving 12 hours home with Grumpy McCrankyPants with a cold and blowin’ snot and sneezin’.


Once I get home, I shower, take the Nyquil, go to bed… and slept like a baby.

I thought all the troubles were over.

But no.

Apparently, if you dislodge your tampon every 40 or 50 miles and have to stop at every shitty bathroom comin’ across Texas you pick up a viral disease designed to kill you.

Becuz, I did.

Fever, diarrhea, and chest cold… and a period.


But oh wait, I’m not done yet.


This is just my feet… See that red stuff on them… I have this all over my body.

4 hours in the ER!! Hives. Though the Dr said a contact allergy. I don’t think so DAVE! I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life! EVER!

It’s Hives!

Do you know that hives move around?

Oh Yes. My boobs were covered with them… like sunburned covered and itchy… And later they look normal. A couple of hours later, it was back to my boobs!!!!!

The deciding factor to go to the ER was the fact that my normally lily white ass was as bright red as a stoplight!!!

So how do you know IT’S GONE!!!

Just shoot me.


Colleen said...

I'm so sorry! I will light a candle for you. At the very least, next year should be better!

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG. You poor thing! Can he NOT take care of you? I mean, you're on your period AND sick AND have hives!!! An ER trip is never good especially if you went to one in Oklahoma. Scary!

I hope you're better now. If not, I'll come and shoot you if you need me to. I'm not a good aim though. I've only shot once in my life. And I missed. From 2 feet away.

becca said...

i'm so sorry hugs

Jeankfl said...

You'd do better to come over to Rapid Remedy in Grove, next time. Should take some benedryl for the hives. Are you on an antibiotic? That'll cause 'em, sometimes, too.. Lord, I hope you feel better, soon!!!

Lin said...

Holy shit girl, let's hope 2012 doesn't kill you. got it bad this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you got all the bad stuff over with & next year is your beyond awesome healthy year ;)

Also, glad they're gone & you're back to your normal white color.