Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hold The Laundry!!!

Link Up Day with Mamarazzi, Queso, and Crazymama… It’s We Want to Know Wednesday!!

Thanks for all the positive comments about Roy’s singin’… I haven’t told him yet. When I showed him the video of it the day after, he was a bit embarrassed. “Don’t belittle your husband!”

I didn’t! Did I?

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{1} When was the last time you lost your temper?

Tryin’ to fry eggs for Roy just a few days ago. I dropped an egg! It landed on the rug so not on the new carpet…still there was cussin’!  And the cussin’ brought Roy to the kitchen and he started tellin’ me I was fryin’ HIS EGGS all wrong… and well that pretty much sent me over the edge!

Oh Wait.

Seems like there was another time, same day… but I can’t remember it so it doesn’t count.

I lose it very easy. I’m an Irish-Indian! I can hold my liquor and scalp you in the blink of an eye!

I’m on meds and it helps. Actually since switchin’ meds, SuperMoodyBitch hasn’t showed up at all. No broken dishes and no screamin’ fits.

I asked Roy if he had noticed a difference and he said no.


Really. I’m much better.

{2} What 3 words best describe you?

Dramatic, Goofy, Fun-loving!

{3} What movie could you watch over and over again and never get tired of?

The Great Outdoors… “Big! Big! Big Bear! Big Bear Chase me!”

I love John Candy!!!

{4} If you could do something dangerous, just once, with no risk, what would you do?

Sky dive! I would love to do it.

But Roy won’t do it with me. He’s my safety net in life. I can do anything in the world as long he’s there.

I want to experience that jump into nothing. I want to fall freely without that nightmare joltin’ slam into the ground.

As a kid, I used to jump off the roof of the barn… I LOVED IT!! But now, the fat girl needs that parachute!

It can be done in Tandem!! Roy said I just want a strange man strapped to my back.

WAY COOL!! Sign me up!!

{5} Which is more important intelligence or common sense?

Common Sense!! You can be smart and not have common sense! And that is just sad!

Good Questions!! Right?

Bonus Question From Me: Why do you link up?


Crazymamaof6 said...

Good answers. I confess i've never seen the great outdoors. I should see if netflix has it.

I link up because I have to now. But I linked up before because my friend mamarazzi started it and the questions usually needed me to expand on my answer in my own post and not just in her comments. Plus it's fun.

Thanks for linking up and playing along. And thanks for stopping by. I liked your roller derby name too!

Bridget said...

The great outdoors is a good movie, and I cracked up when hubby said that you just wanted a man strapped to your back :p

I link up because I like reading other people's answers and getting to know them better. It's just fun!

Connie said...

I forgot all about The Great Outdoors! John Candy was awesome!

I want a strange man strapped to my back too.

Mamarazzi said...

lol@ strange man strapped to your back. hilarious!!

thanks for linking up and for visiting so many people. awesome.

The Hammonds said...

I laughed out loud over your egg story. I think something similair happened to me once...a long time ago...only it involved a shell in the scrambled eggs in the early days of marriage. He makes the eggs now. ;-)

Dee said...

Especially if that strange man is half your age and hot hot HOT! Lol...

Clairity @Hip2bMom said...

Haven't seen Great Outdoors but John Candy is a funny one.

Strange man strapped to your back - too funny!

Myya said...

What a guy thing to say about not noticing if you are better with new meds. Guys seriously don't ever say the right thing!

I think I've seen that John Candy movie... but I can't remember for sure. He is a FUNNY guy though!

Ahhh sign me up for the strange man strapped to my back too!

Impulsive Addict said...

You definitely are goofy and fun loving!

Good for you for wanting to skydive. I think I would shiz my pants if I did that.

I don't link up to this one but I do love to link up to meet new people! =)

becca said...

yay sky diving sounds great