Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cruise To The Bahamas…

The weather was perfect! The water was warm! We had a great time.

cruise photos1

I love to cruise. I don’t know why more people don’t do it. I’m so surprised that that they don’t. It’s the only way to travel! We were on the Spa deck and it was THE most peaceful room I’ve ever slept in! No party in the middle of the night by the crew… far enough away from the elevator to not hear all that crap… and the room stewards were fabulous!! The new my name! NO ONE CALLS ME BY MY NAME!

We went to the Blue Lagoon, it’s in a cove and is man made but it was very clean and just perfect. I sunburned my boobs… becuz the beach was perfect! I just forgot how delicate I IMG_3861am.

This makes me think of those seals on the beach.

Not so petite but still… delicate.



I met a Facebook friend on this cruise. She and her hub are fabulous people… even after I spilled my drink on him. He didn’t hold a grudge. I talk with my hands and well the drink just sorta got in the way… and over it went!IMG_3839

If I were to sit on my hands I’d be speechless!

I’m so scatterbrained, While in Galveston, I missed gettin' to have breakfast with another Blogger Buddy becuz I over slept! Damn it! I really hate that!!

My hub got his load on several times but on formal night, the spirit moved him. OMG! Wait until you see that video. Just as soon as I piece it all together.

We love KeyWest!!! We took the OldTyme Trolley around the island and visited the Hemmingway House… yoIMG_3960u know me and my crazy cat lady thing!

There are 44 cats, I looked for them! It was like an EasterEgg Hunt! I found 20 or so. You realize these are special cats… Some have 6 toes.




IMG_3977And of course, we had to go the southernmost point… IMG_3975Roy photo bomb that couple! He is a JackAss!





While in KeyWest, we stopped into Margaritaville. Roy is totally happy drinkin’ fruity girl drinks. IMG_4048I opted for Pink Cadillacs… 3! Thank you very much! I could have drank those all day! But someone has to get us back on the ship!

That was our favorite port. We weren’t all that impressed by Bahamas… too much hustlin’ from the townspeople. I don’t care for that. I’m on vacation, don’t pester me to buy shit.



So that’s the long and the short of it… I’ll work on Roy’s video for later. He just cracks me up!

Save your money! And come cruise with me!


Shana said...

So much fun!!! I have never been on a cruise. I don't get out much.

(I am saving for SOME SORT of vacation... not sure where or when but SOMEWHERE!!)

Becca said...

Hubs is going on sabbatical this coming spring/summer, and that is definitely on our consider to do list..8 weeks we have to come up with something!

Jill said...

Ooooooo a cruise sounds wonderful...My aunt, uncle & cousins go every year...I must save my dimes. Glad you had a great time!!

Lin said...

Man you guys totally rocked that all the photos.

I've never been on a cruise, I may have to look into one soon.

Impulsive Addict said...

I LOVE YOU! Your posts never let me down! It sounds like a wonderful time.

Who's the girl with you guys in the first pic?

That drink looks fabulous!! I'll go cruising with you next time! Let's do it!

Connie said...

I think I'm going to trick my rich brother in law into taking me on a cruise.

Love your pictures!

AMY said...

WOW.....Great Cruise report! Sounds like it would be A LOT of FUN to cruise with you.
I've been on two Disney cruises to the Bahamas. Nassau is not my favorite either. I LOVE Disney's Castaway Cay island though.
I really want to go to Key West (never been there).
What cruise ship did you go on?