Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back In The Saddle…

It’s Talk To US Tuesday!!

 HiResBe sure to link up with Impulsive Addict and Shawn… Fabulous Gals!!

A very good way to get my groove back! Feeling better but… funky. The meds are messin’ with my head.

So while I have an audience of women this next subject is something we all need to take heed.

Let’s talk about Formal Night on the cruise.

Underwear Ladies!! USE IT!!

A good bra goes a long way. Invest in one that is can be used as a strapless, racer back, one shoulder, or halter top. Victoria’s Secret makes a fabulous one! The one I have is a push up also. I don’t go for the Playtex crap of “lifting and separating”. That’s bullshit! I want cleavage!! I want my gals High in the Air and squished together!!

Too many ladies had their hair lookin’ fab with their Girl Face on struttin’ their stuff with saggy boobs!! What the Hell??!!

Wear a bra!IMG_3786

And why spend all that time in dieting’ and shoppin’ for the perfect dress only to see panty lines and belly buttons or belly lines?? Spanx!! Or find something at HellMart that will smooth out the lines.

SarahJessica Parker is a size flippin’ 2 and she wears spanx! I kid you not. She’s not tryin’ to control fat… she doesn’t have any!! She’s smoothin’ out the lines!!

I saw way too many ladies with beautiful dresses and lookin’ stunnin’ only to have panty lines!!

Wear Spanx!IMG_3790Yes I’m a fat girl.

I had a pair of leopard sling backs that I have been diein’ to wear so I bought a leopard scarf for my hair and carried my brown beaded clutch along with my black and white pearls… I looked foxy!


And as Roy zipped me up into that snug dress, he stated a fact. “We are goin’ on a diet when we get home!”

Amen to that!

Oh and a wee piece of important information… too short is not formal, it’s tacky! I saw several young ladies with dresses that were so short that you could see the candy store! TACKY!!

I have no good advice as to how to break in high heels and not get blisters. So let me tell you how to battle the blisters. I use Band-Aid Blister Healer Things… They are soooo good! And Band-Aid Friction Block… it is the best to keep from gettin' blister on heels and the top of your foot.

And walk in your new shoes as much as possible! Nothing looks more sad than a fabulous lady that can’t walk in 6 inch heels. I know I have troubles in stilettos! I much prefer wedges.

IMG_3811I could run a foot race in these!! I kid you not!

Trust me! Next time you have to get all gussied up for a weddin’ or a formal night on your cruise, you’ll look much more stunnin’ with the right foundation under that beautiful dress.

And By The Way… Some undergarments are made crotchless! So you don’t have to get totally undressed to pee!


Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I would have LOVED to be on that cruise with you! YOU are a mess and I bet TONS OF FUN!

Spanx are my friend on most occasions. LOVE THEM!

Love the leopard shoes my friend. So sexy!

Candy store! LOVE THAT ANALOGY. I may have to steal that line.

Someone else just blogged about crotchless spanx. It may have been Shawn. Anyway, I find those all kinds of interesting and convenient. I'll have to try them! ;)

Thank you, DOLL, for linking up with us!!! xoxo

Shawn said...

You looked amazing! I love your sassy self! The leopard shoes and wedges are smokin'! I love a sexy pair of shoes but I do believe those wedges are out of my league!

I agree Spanx are a must! The make them under the boob high so there's not waist line and so you don't have to take them up and down for bathroom breaks they're crotchless! Freaking genius!

I'm glad you had such a good time and thanks for linking up!

Shawn said...

IA's post wasn't up when I left mine...she beat me to it. Yes, I did talk about crotchless Spanx because they are my friend!

And I to love the candy store line, I'm so using that with my daughter and her friends when I ask how short their homecoming dresses are!

Connie said...

You look FOXY!!

I'm going to buy some SPANX right away!

Stacie said...

Amen, sista! I don't even want to look at my own jiggly bits, much less someone else's.

becca said...

you're a beautiful women and cute shoes

Heather's Happenings said...

Looking fabulous! I agree, use the spanx!

Chell said...

Totally in love with those wedges!
Totally agree.... I prefer not to see the candy store! What do some people think when they get dressed?

Date Girl said...

Wedges are the only way to go. I love being able to dance all night at weddings and know I'm not going to be limping home!

You look fabulous! That cruise sounds like so much fun. I'm appalled at how some girls dress. Too short is definitely tacky.

I swear by spanx, though going to the bathroom with those bad boys is a STRUGGLE. I'm going to have to check into the crotchless, but they just sound awkward!

Carrie's Rambles said...

Fabulous shoes!!!!

Crotchless undergarments are a must, who the heck wants to take off every stitch of clothing to pee!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

What would have made this post even better than it already is?? Pics of all the fashion mishaps - just discretely grab your phone, pretend you are texting and snap a few! My guess is there were some fun shots to take!!