Monday, September 19, 2011

Cowboys, Turtles, And Packin’…

I’m gettin' to be a pro at this… 6th cruise!!

Headed to Galveston and board a Carnival Cruise ship bound for the Bahamas.

I’m so excited!!!!

The Babysitter for the cats is ready to go. She’s not too excited about Ruffles but… he pretty much takes care of himself.


He’s even bigger than that now. But still too little to be set free. There has been talk of keepin’ him for a while and even an outside pool. Remember how big they get??



I’m excited.

No Really! If you’ve ever seen him do his ballerina moves, you’d think about keepin’ him too.


I’m tryin’ to talk Roy into stoppin’ in Dallas on the way home to do the tour of Cowboy Stadium… I want to do it!! I’ll stomp my foot and pout if I gotta!!

I can hardly wait!!!


The Gaelic Wife said...

Tell Roy that one of the cheerleaders will autograph his arm if he take you.

becca said...

have fun sweetie

Date Girl said...

aww your lil turtle is the cutest! I want one. 6th cruise?! I haven't even had one. No fair! Have a great time!!