Saturday, August 06, 2011

Roy’s Rules…

So I didn’t go to Iowa for the funeral but Roy left me a list of things to do and more importantly… THINGS NOT TO DO!!

1) Do not lock your self out!!

Yes I’ve done that in the past. And he added, “It’s too hot and you’ll die.”

Always a valid point. Do not die.

2) Check Skimmer Morning and Night!

The pool skimmer… check! Easy Peasy! He over-filled the pool and so there’s no leaves to clog up the skimmer.

3) Make Sure Out Door Cats + Dogs Have Water!

Duh!! But really. I have to be reminded.

4)Do Not Leave That Smelly Thing Plugged In At Night or When Gone!!!!!

The scentsy pot. It sets on the stove. How could it possibly cause the house to burn down?? I go off and leave the light on in the turtle tank!! But no. I must turn it off.

Now Those were the only rules that he wrote down for me… and there’s room for many… many… MANY loopholes!!

And nothing about shoppin’!! He said turn the smelly thing off while gone… that right there opens the door for shoppin’!!

So why did he pitch a fit when he found out I took advantage of tax free day???

Becuz he’s a jackass!!

And he had his parents and siblings for an audience.

I spent $150!! On 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of shorts, 3 shirts, 1 swimsuit bottom and numerous patterns… they were only $1.58… and fabric. I thought I did very well.

And I almost forgot… milk and ham!

Oh and cat litter.

And a dress.

We spent $130 on just his Boots!!



sarajo said...

Men in deed! They just don't get it!

Jeankfl said...

He probably just wants to watch you try on clothes before you buy all that!!lol Or he was just crazy from all that family.. Thank God you didn't have to go, and give him some slack!!lol

Rachel said...

Sounds like you did excellent to me! What is with men and their paranoia about our "smelly things" and burning down the house? My ex used to have a fit about my various scented items that plugged in always unplugging them claiming they were a fire hazard!

Impulsive Addict said...

I need to shop where you shop! I had a small basket of groceries today at the hellmart and it was $209!!!!