Friday, August 12, 2011

Is Soooooo Aggravated!!!!

I could spit nails!!

My feather’s are ruffled!!

The dr became ill and my hysterectomy was postponed. I was told I was priority! I was told I was on the “unknown complications surgery list”… that one one was ahead of me… and here it is 3 weeks later and I’m still not on the schedule!!

Is my definition priority different than theirs???? Spit Nails!!

My carpet still isn’t here!! I was told 3 weeks.

Today marks 4 weeks!! No reassurin’ phone calls to smooth my feathers.

And… Annnnnnd… I still do not have my bowlin’ shoes that I ordered in April to replace the pair that fell apart! The people at the bowlin’ alley always say, “it’s on back order.”

Really, 5 months??

When I worked with the public, I went out of my way to do my job well… to treat my customers the way I wanted to be treated.

Sure, I sometimes was overwhelmed and forgot some things but I always made it right.

I paid for people’s bills from my pocket! When the town flooded and a woman lost all her stuff and one of her dogs died while in my care… a really old dog… a good Samaritan paid most of her bill.

I drove to houses and picked up old ladies’ dog becuz they were too old to drive… even though they had family that lived in the same town!! I did it.

When I worked as a clerk in a convenience store, a young woman needed milk for her kids. I paid for it. I had two kids and I know what it’s like to down and out.

I’ve called clients when they were hospitalized, hugged the longtime client’s spouse after a funeral, called to say Fluffy came thru surgery with flyin’ colors, and I’ve pumped gas for old ladies that never have done it.

Does that sound like a heartless uncarin’ bitch? I was recently called that. I’ll own the bitch part… I have my moments but uncarin’??

But anyway…

Where’s the work ethics?

Where’s the compassion?

Where’s my carpet??


Connie Weiss said...

There is no such thing as customer service anymore.

Unless you bitch on Twitter. That seems to get people's attention for some reason.

I hope things work out soon!

Rachel said...

I cannot stand crappy customer service! Especially when it comes to health care! That just sucks!

sarajo said...

I agree with Connie, there is no such things as customer service anymore. At least, not good customer service.

Hope things work out next week!

Becca said...

Ah sending you big hugs!

We just got our sofas. We ordered them on July 2nd. Want this fat chick to come and raise some Cain? I am hormonal enough to do it, too, don'tcha know!

Colleen said...

You are awesome. You are the kind of person we need more of in this world.

Sadly, you are also a dying breed.

Jeankfl said...

I don't think even doctors try anymore.. everyone just is getting too overwhelmed, and that's bull, cause they're not REALLY working as hard as we have!! I try to help people, too, as I can.. and have spent many hours doing it. But get help now?? Not likely.. except for a few people.. I agree, get Becca to come take care of it! She seems to get results!

Lin said...

You're a great person hon, dont let the little crap get to you. Anyone that tells you different is full of it ;)

Sherrie said...


Anonymous said...

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Billie said...

I feel you on the carpet. Same crap I went through when I did my flooring.