Monday, August 01, 2011

I Made It Monday…

A new link up I was invited to join… Conni at for crafters. Any kind of craft you dream up… link up.

So here is my entry for I Made It Monday… sorta.

I started out with idea of makin’ a swim dress circa 1950 style… something to cover my big ass. I started with the top. Easy Peasy! I could make these in my sleep!



I’ve made 3 of them…2 off the original pattern and then this one made for us busty gals!!

So off to tackle the bottom… not so good!


Now this is bigger than the original pattern becuz that would have NEVER WORKED! It was way to small. And lookin’ at it now after I took the photo, it doesn’t look so bad.

See that diamond?

It’s called a gusset.

What the hell is a gusset??

A fancy way to say crotch!

I have no idea how to affix to the bottoms so I just sewed it the way I know and left the crotch out… crotchless. It’s mine. It should be crotchless!

But here’s the real problem with the bottoms…


Yep. Those are my panties. That actually fit me. And cover my ass.

And once I have the bottoms on… it is an adult diaper with a load.


So My Cute Little Top Will Be Worn With Cut-Off’s… Just call me Daisy Duke!

You want a top just ask. It ties at the neck and in the back. I have lined this top with white and made the tie from the same material which you may tie loosely for a more modest look. The hot pink gingham has a satiny sheen. But if you would like one, it can be made from any type of fabric.


Rachel said...

The top is adorable!

Territory Mom said...

You did a great job, so cute!

Conni said...

Very cute I would never be brave enough to attempt a swimsuit

Thanks for linking up

becca said...

how cute