Monday, August 15, 2011

And The Cherry On This Shitty Sundae…

Someone is selling diaper covers using my VelvetTush!!

I could just cry. Well I have.

I have tried to be flattered by this latest development like when the man in the sandal opened a MySpace with velvettush or when the chick took it for Twitter… but this is hard. I could have dotcom’d me and been velvettushdotcom… but not now.

For the last 6 years I have been googlin’ myself and it all came back to me. And not now that some one has stole me.

I am wounded. seriously. wounded.

What happened to originality?

Lady!! Use you own brain… come up with something else. You could be any tush in the world… any. But why velvet?

Roy said, “years ago, I had cop’o year in my grasp but they kicked me in the gut. It happens.”

I don’t feel better.

So bloggers… do it. buy your domain. And save yourself the hurt and tears of being ripped off.


Becca said...

A geeze that just isn't right, why don't people use their imaginations..hugs friend..

Mind Of Mine said...

Luckily I bought my domain a few years ago, I have had offers to sell it but I couldn't part with it.

Jeankfl said...

Well, that just sucks. Some people have no imagination, so they steal other's ideas. Sorry you didn't get to stay exclusive..

Jill said...

That really SUCKS!!
But - hoping to make your day better - I gave you an award on my blog today! :)

insomnia said...

Sorry that happened to you. What's a domain?