Friday, July 29, 2011

W.T.F. Meme…

which stands for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday… a Meme that runs for 3 days! 10 different questions each day!! Well, what a great idea!


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1) Be totally honest... Could money buy you happiness (even if it's only for a little while)?

In my life, yes! I live with Grumpy McCrankPants!! And if he didn’t work, he wouldn’t be such a SurlyBastard!!

2) Today (July 29) is "National Lasagna Day." What is your pasta dish of choice? If you like lasagna, are you a traditional lasagna type of person or are you into the vegetarian kind with eggplant instead of noodles?

Ravioli is my fav!! a veal, beef with a cream sauce is my favorite!!! If I eat lasagna it’s with meat! I’m not a fan of eggplant.

3) How do you feel about people who get permanent makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, etc. tattooed on the face so the person never has to actually put on makeup again)?

I hate it! Absolutely Hate It!! When I worked at the clinic the young Hispanic ladies would come in with their tattooed eyebrows and I just couldn’t look at them without my eyes being drawn to the eyebrows!! It looks ridiculous!

Now that being said, I realize that there are women that lose all their hair during cancer treatment and have had some tattoo work done. I understand that. That’s fine. There’s a difference between a good self image and being too lazy to pluck!

4) The Nickelodeon company has reintroduced its hit teen sitcoms from the '90s (like "All That," "Kenan & Kel," "Clarissa Explains It All," and "Doug") on its TeenNick channel and has broke ratings records doing it. It has also sent the Twitter trending topics into a TeenNick frenzy. Is it too soon to be bringing back the '90s?

I’m indifferent to it. I think that, teens would relate more to the 90’s than the reruns of the Brady Bunch.

5) Some women go totally insane for men in uniforms and vice versa. How do you feel about people in uniform?

I love a man in uniform… military or cops…. love it!!

6) When you go to a movie theater, what food/drink items do you get from the concession stand?

Always, a large popcorn with butter and large Dr Pepper.

7) My entire refrigerator/freezer is covered in magnets. What kind of magnets are on yours?

 I have a vast array of magnets… fruit, business magnets, and homemade ones the girls made… all to hold up cartoons and family photos.

8) A recent report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest says Cheesecake Factory's Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake contains 1,540 calories and 59 grams of saturated fat, but Saturday (July 30) is "National Cheesecake Day." Are the calories and fat grams worth the tastiness of cheesecake?

I say, this, Life is too damn short to worry about calories and fat about All the Damn Time About EVERYTHING!!! You eat healthy most of the time, splurge and have a slice of cheesecake!!

9) Febreze has started a new ad campaign in which they blindfold people and take them into a dirty disgusting room which has been sprayed down with Febreze. When the blindfolds come off, the people are shocked at their surroundings. (Watch a commercial here.) Would you be mad if you signed up to star in a commercial only to find yourself sitting in a room of complete filth?

I would be like that one girl, the one with “What the Hell” look on her face and then crack up laughin’… I see the humor in just about everything I do.

10) Do you think hair shampoo and conditioner bottles really need to have directions?

Have you met some the average idiots on the street?? Yes. Those people need directions.

Remember the lady that sue Micky’D’s becuz SHE spilled her coffee on herself…. I rest my case.


BPD in OKC said...

Amen to this comment: "Life is too damn short to worry about calories and fat"

Heather said...

I agree about the calories! I would totally eat that piece of cheesecake!

Myya said...

I agree that you need to slurge, ummm hello ESPECIALLY on cheesecake!!! LOL

Oh my gosh I do remember the McDonalds lady that sued for the coffee, seriously people are idiots aren't they!

Shana said...

True about what you said for number 10.
Stella Awards!!

Date Girl said...

Yes yes and yes.Money wouldn't necessarily buy me happiness but that peace of mind would sure make us happy!
My husband wears a uniform nightly. I never thought I was a uniform girl until he became a deputy. Mama like! :-)

Couldn't agree more about the makeup. My evil stepmother had permanent makeup and it looked rid.ic.ulous. With a capital ICK.

Stacy Lynn said...

Whoa...I'm pretty sure I live a really close relative of Grumpy McCrankpants...and yes, work and be exhausted is probably at the bottom of it. I don't think money would help, though, my grumpa** is a workaholic. He'd probably still do it for free.

Rachel said...

For some reason I have a thing for the UPS uniform. I cannot explain it. I just have to ask "What can brown do for me!"

Madeline said...

Life is too damn short :) I LOVE cheesecake