Thursday, July 28, 2011

Minnows, Heat Waves, And Relationships…

Oh Lawzy!! It’s Hot!! Oklahoma has had triple digit temps for over 24 days!! It’s awful!!

Roy works out in this heat! He’s not as young as he used to be and the heat gets to him much quicker than it should. So when he’s off work, I just let him veg out on the couch instead of takin’ me to town and runnin’ errands. So I told him I was gonna to see the last Harry Potter movie without him… which was fine. He’s not a Potter Fan and he can’t understand a word they are sayin’… and it’s not just his hearin’! “They speak a foreign language!”

Riiiiight! And DumbAss Okie’s not foreign to everyone?

Anyway, he told me to take the minnow bucket to get minnows for Ruffles. So I did.

I cried like a baby during that movie! I really did. I’ve read the books twice and still I cried. But I felt pretty good comin’ outta the theater, so I thought I’d mess with Roy.

That’s my job. To love, honor, cherish, and to keep shit stirred… until death do we part.

I text facebook, twitter, and Roy, “Oops! I shoulda got the minnows after the movie!”

Think about that. Minnows in the car with the windows rolled up in 105degree heat for 3 hours.

And I let the dice roll.

He called me just as I left town. “Tell me you didn’t! Tell me you’re not stupid enough to buy minnows before the movie!”

snicker snort!! and to make matter worse our connection was bad!! So all he got was me laughin’ but did hear me say no.

I hung up!!!

I love jackin’ with him!!

I wasn’t home 3 minutes and he called me again, “You were fuckin’ with me. Weren’t you?”

“Yes I was!”

“I thought if you were stupid enough to buy minnows before the movie, I was seriously gonna reconsider the nature of our relationship,”

“A deal breaker!”


That’s my job… To Keep Shit Stirred!!Winking smile


Stacy said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!

Jill said...

Love it! Gotta keep the men on their toes, right?? LOL

sarajo said...

OMG, that is too funny!

I cried at Harry Potter too. And I cried both times I read the last book. And the 5th book. Guess I'm a big baby. :D

Rachel said...

I never got into Harry Potter but I am reconsidering with all this talk about it! Too funny about the minnows!

Madeline said...

LOL Love it !