Monday, July 25, 2011

Love And Okra…

I text Roy the other day… “I love you.”

He text back, “I loved you first.”

It’s something we’ve always done… this little “spat”. Done it for years…

I replied, “But I love you more.”

He text, “Oh no! You won’t burn my okra.”


That’s not right!!!

Burnt Okra!!??!!??

I text him, “Well you got me there! ICK!!”

I burned his next batch of fried okra!! That’ll show him!!

Tell me I don’t love him more!! What is he thinkin’!

Now That… That is true love!!


Rachel said...

Oh okra not my thing..burnt okra sounds really horrible. I agree! I think that IS true love right there!!

sarajo said...

Burnt okra, lol! Too funny!

I love the "spats" that my hubby and I have. :D

Amber said...

I've never had okra, but I'm really curious about it.

Tell me about it, lol

Nysha said...

Very funny?

So, does burning okra eliminate the snotty stuff on the inside?

The Gaelic Wife said...

Burnt okra is about as bad as boiled okra. Boil him up some slimy okra next time.