Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Reasons Why Roy Screamed Like A Girl…

And all done while we were rippin’ out the carpet!

Whatta Wiener!!



1) While rippin’ out the carpet I found a dead beetle… a pretty good size one… about the size of a quarter.

Well Roy was so busy with what he was doin’ and totally trusts me with just about everything under the sun, held out his hand when I asked. And then promptly, squealed like a 5 year old girl when I placed the dead bug in it!

Dude! It’s just a dead bug!

“Well you shoulda warned a guy!” whippin’ his hand around like it was just shocked!!


2) We had to move the hutch… damn things heavy!! And it’s probably becuz it’s covered in a “Protective” layer of dust, so Roy tells me to dust it.

He’s standin’ at one end of it scoochin’ back and forth inchin’ it forward, while I was getting’ the dust stuff. I being the “dutiful” wife begins to dust, thus closin’ the drawers on the hutch so that the pledgy stuff doesn’t get on my things… and slammed the drawer on Roy’s hand!

And he squealed like a 5yr old girl and cussed like a sailor!! “Oh! You Bitch! Son of a Bitch That Hurt!”

Now that little incident I was truly sorry for becuz That HURT!!! I felt bad.

But I still laughed.

Only when he did!

3) After rippin’ out all the carpet, Roy decided to take out the “mop” board… for lack of a better word… that trim board that goes around the room. He carried it all outside. Some of the boards are 6 foot long… and one went up into the ceiling fan!

A “Protective” layer of dust fell in the middle of my sewin’ project!!

And he squealed like a 5yr old girl and cussed like a sailor and looked at me all red in the face… to see if he was in trouble!!

I just laughed.

I like it when he squeals!! Especially when I don’t cause it!!


becca said...

haha that was to cute especially the beetle part when a dead bug could make a guy scream

Screaming Sardine said...

LOLOL! Too funny! Didn't know a dead bug could make a grown man squeal!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Jill said...

"Protective layer of dust"...I like it ... I might use that one...

TOO funny! haha!!

bigdogmompam said...

"you coulda warned a guy!" made me laugh out loud! I love to hear a grown man squeal over something like that.