Monday, June 20, 2011

Whatta Weekend!!

A few weeks ago, a tornado destroyed Roy’s Brother’s home. And then to add insult to injury, someone burned what was left to the ground. That’s an evil person that would do that sorta thing!

Anyway, Roy got his chainsaw ready to go help on Saturday. He was dreadin’ it! He doesn’t mind helpin’ but still… dreadin’ it!

So much so, that I beat him at bowlin’ several times Friday afternoon! He’s heart just wasn’t in it.

He perked up at the MONSTERTRUCKSHOW!!! Back on Thursday night he was called in to work late becuz of a water leak at the fairgrounds where the show was being held… they gave him free tickets!!

Pretty Flippin’ Cool!!


The best part of the show was the ToughTruck Races… and a car won! It’s like Baja racin’ but on a smaller track. Totally funny!

We are so Redneck… Date Night at the Monster Truck Rally!

But I wasn’t sure who was Roy’s date… me or the lady that was practically sittin’ on his lap! I think she was doin’ that to try to scooch him over… Didn’t work. Roy is as stubborn as a Missouri Mule!

And some man groped my hair on his way by! And I thought, “Damn! Did he just mess up my hair??!?”

You know me, I’m all about my hair!

It was about as bad as the time I had some strange man standin’ behind me at a Ted Nugent Concert whisperin’ in my ear, “I’m sorry about bein’ all up in your business..”

Then back that shit up!!

I was practically dry humped!!

And now some strange man fondled my hair!! You can' touch my legs, arms, and even touch my boobs But… Dude! Keep Your Hands Outta My Hair!!!

Saturday: Roy headed to OKC and I loaded up and headed off to Owasso to play GiGi for the day.

061801_1125[00] I had fun. Roy did not.

I taped parts my road trip so I’ll try to piece together a vlog for later.

Sunday: Father’s Day… and no calls from Roy’s kids. Par for the course. But hold that hand out at Christmas!!

We were lazy all day… That’s what Sunday’s are for… Resting!


Connie Weiss said...

No one has EVER apologized to me for being all up in my business!!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are such a funny blogger!!! But the tornado shit is no bueno.

Ps. I love Owasso!