Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Yep! It’s time to link up! We Want To Know…
1) Everyone seems to have a quirky family situation-- what is something unique about your family dynamic?
Quirky doesn’t even come close to defining our family dynamic. Splintered and Alienated is a better description…There’s me and Roy. Period.
His kids do their thing. My kids do their thing. We both Hate… HEYATTTE… family functions. Whether it be his or mine… doesn’t matter. Scooter calls and we go home.
For those that do not know… This is Scooter!
IMG_3313 He is prayin’ on the Alter of The Router. He knows how to call Mommy and make her come home.

2) What is the most stressful aspect to blogging (aside from the network going down)?
Pourin’ my heart and soul into the blog and no one comments. But If A Person Gives Away Expensive Prizes… People Flock to the sight. Sounds like I’m bitter… that would be a YES.
This Blog is about my life and things that have happened to me and Roy or stories from the past about my girls. I vent. I rant. It’s true life. I can’t make this shit up! I’m not political. I don’t want to change the world. I just wanna make you laugh… at me or with me. Just comment.
I feel alone some days. That’s the stressful aspect of bloggin’ for me.

3) Name your top 3 favorite websites you flock to daily (non blog)!
Facebook is the only other thing I do online… wait, I use Wikipedia a lot.

4) What’s your sign?  Believe in it or not, does any part ring true to you?
I‘m not into the Zodiac. I was a certain sign for many years and then some bozo got the bright idea that we were all doin’ it wrong and changed the whole thing up, so I have no idea what I am now. And all those years of livin’ life by the Zodiac, no wonder my life was fucked up!
It’s like Pluto not being a planet any more.
Or some historical figure was actually gay.
What the Hell?
Seriously, On the Grand Scale of things, why does matter if Pluto is or isn’t a planet or if some long dead guy sucked cock?
Who Cares?

5) Name your favorite flavor/brand of ice cream.
Blue Bell or Braum’s… Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is just like what my Granny used to make!! YUM!!
And Braum’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with hot fudge and Calf Slobbers.

BONUS QUESTIONS if you dare..
            A.  Name the blog you credit for linking up with us today?
                       Impulsive Addict… I’m on her emailin’ list.
                       Mamarazzi has the linky thing today.
            B.  Suggest a question you want to see in future WWTK’s:
                        Do You have a College Degree and if so, Where?
                        Do You Spit or Swallow?
                        How Old were You when You had Your First Kiss?
                        Name One Regret.
                        Who is Your Favorite Super Hero or Heroine and Why?
                        It’s StoryBook Day at Your Child’s School, Who Do You Dress As?
                        What is Your Favorite Pizza?
                        Denzel Washington or Will Smith?
                       and the Eternal Question of All Times… Coke or Pepsi?

Now get with it… link up!! Mamarazzi, Seriously Shawn, Janette, or Impulsive Addict can hook you up!


Pattie said...

Wow! I can't beat that. 8>)

Tracie said...

You're so funny! LOL

Jen said...

Awwww, as I said in my blog, I only have internet at it's hard to juggle it around!

Jill said...

I feel ya on the "being all alone" in the blogosphere...I feel that way sometimes, too. I just have to remind myself that I do this for me, and if people read and comment, that's just gravy.

You're hilarious, I read every post!

Shawn said...

The older I get the easier it is to say "sorry, we will not be there!" The End.

Once I realized that my blog was just that, my blog and that I was doing this for me everything else just didn't matter.

Your answer to #4 is cracking me up! I'm dying!

"Calf Slobbers" I'm confused and very intrigued!

Love your questions, IA there's all yours and I need to know the answer to #2!

Thanks for linking up!

allstarme said...

LOL @ #4 and I love your Q suggestions. I wanna answer those!

Ixy said...

OK - you have to explain the calf slobbers - crazy! It's funny how sometimes blogging makes me feel so alone at some times and the opposite at others. Overall, I'd say I feel part of a community that I didn't have before.

Spit or swallow LOL!! I'm thinking that one isn't going to make it onto a family-friendly should check out Lady Estrogen if you haven't already. You would like her.

Amanda said...

Well, you're funny and good at coming up with interesting questions, that's for sure.

I'm no blogging pro, so I don't know why people comment more on some blogs than others but Shell has some good posts on do's and dont's for making new blogging friends. The comments to the posts are interesting too.

Amber said...

We asked one of the same questions! And the Coke vs. Pepsi debate could really cause some rifts in the blogging world, that might have to be avoided, hahaha

I love your kitty, he's so sweet looking.

I forgot about Wikipedia, I use that for everything. Which probably really isn't that great since it's all user created information, but it's a good resource either way!

Johanson Family said...

my hubs and I aren't big into family functions either.. but what bugs me to NO END is when I politely say, "Thanks but we're gonna pass this time" and they ask... WHY
ooh, now you want me to come up with excuses? So, I do. then... they try to fix the issue. I don't want it fixed, I just don't wanna go.. can you fix that? hah. I've learned the only way to being apart of the blog world is to comment, otherwise, you are alone b/c no one knows you are there.. I fought that for a while.... so I comment!

Amy said...

Wow!! How do you really feel about the Astrological signs?? hee hee

Great bonus question answers....

VandyJ said...

I remember the whole kerfluffle about the Zodiac. I think the up shot ended up being that the standard one was still the one to use and the other guys was only internet famous--with out the internet he'd have never been heard of.

Impulsive Addict said...

I don't understand how people have thousands of followers. It must be the giveaways. I used to do more heartfelt posts but nobody commented. It's almost like they don't care but make it stupid or funny and they'll comment. Whatev.

Crackbook is taking us all down! I may not be a capricorn anymore? Who decided to change it? Well crap.

My post didn't publish when it should have. Sorry about that.

I'm loving your questions. Spit or swallow? LMAO! Hilarious! I'll be writing some down!

Brittney said...

hahaha your future questions made me laugh!!!

Hell i have over 500 followers and barely get more than a handful of comments on my posts if im not giving something away I dont get a lot of comments either ehh who cares im blogging for me anyway

Brenna said...

I never enter those contests. Honestly it seems like a pain to do the fifteen steps usually required to enter-
You crack me up!

Jeankfl said...

I know I ALWAYS read you, but I do it on RSS feed. Can't comment on there. Since I miss comments on my stuff, I'm really a hypocrite! I'm with a few of them.. what's a calf slobber?? Caramel? Yum
I'm still trying to get everything changed over and set up! So, been very busy. I'll send you the new addy and phone..

Marisa said...

I have the female version of your cat. Is yours as sketchy as ours?

And I'm still bitter about the Pluto thing. :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

I don't care for many family functions, either. But, I don't get to see my family much so when we're home, the more family I can see, the better!

I totally hear you on the giveaway blogs. There was one I used to really like but now all she does are reviews and giveaways. Ugh. A blog is supposed to be about YOU, not how many people you can attract.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves vanilla ice cream. The hubs always gives me a hard time on that one.

Mamarazzi said...

i hate pouring my heart into a post only to not get many comments on it. i feel like a blog fail when that happens.

i also wish i had more personal stuff going on that is blog worthy. i fill the space hosting link parties and giveaways.

i want more quality content on my blog.

Jen said...

I feel the same way about comments....but I have realized lately that the more I comment the more people comment on my blog... I guess it's the whole you get what you give thing!

Memphis Steve said...

I've never tried giving away prizes to sucker people into commenting on my posts. That sounds like a great idea! Hey, I have an old car I don't want and can't seem to sell. I'll bet that'd bring in some comments, eh?