Monday, June 13, 2011

A Smattering Of Crap…

Whatta Weekend!! I’m gettin' around slow today. And I have no real organized thoughts… so here goes the crap!
Bowled on Friday, my game was all crap! Just couldn’t get my MoJo goin’! AT. ALL.
Saturday Night… I got it goin! and bowled a 174!! Woo Hoo!!
Jesse and Rowdy came over on Sunday for a cookout and a swim. Good time!! My boobs are toasted nicely. Thank Goodness for spf 90!!!
But we had a good time.
Not like last weekend when Eddie and Loretta and kids came… why do children feel the need to tear shit up?
I have this chunk of wood. Let me start over. Roy cut down a tree that had peckerwood holes in it… I kept the section. It was cool. It has two holes and a clump of fungus under the bottom hole. It sets by the bird bath in the violets under the red bud trees… my yard display.
One the those kids broke the fungus off.
I almost exploded right there! I wanted to scream at this child, “Hey! My concrete donkey is over there! Do ya wanna go break it’s leg off?”
I reigned myself in.
Did the parents say anything? Fuck No!
And my floaty… not the big island… but another one I had… they tore a hole in it. Not a word said.
Deep Breath…. Let it out… oooooommmmm…….
I am bit worried about Roy. Does anyone know anything about chronic fatigue? He doesn’t have the energy and stamina that he used to have. It’s gettin' so bad he doesn’t even want to mow. YOU KNOW HE LOVES THAT!!
That’s all I have. See unorganized.
Though I had a kinky dream about a black camaro and NicolasCage… I wish I was still that limber! YUM!
Holy Shit! It's 11am!! I've got sewing to do... ugh!

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