Monday, June 27, 2011

Ringworm, Bull’s Eyes, And Paranoia…

2 or 3 weeks ago, Roy said, “look at this spot. Do it look like a bull’s eye?”

That’s what we do. Look at each other’s spots, odd bumps, and weird hairs. He had a spot on the back of his knee that was round and crusty.

And I said, “It looks like ringworm.”

“No. It’s looks like a bull’s eye.”


“Honey, did you pull off a tick from there?”


“Then how could it be a bull’s eye for lymes? It’s ringworm!” And I gave him some anti-fungal cream. I walked off and forgot all about it until last Sunday when he said, “Hey, Babe! Look at this. Does it look like it’s bigger and more bull’s eye shaped?”

Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me??

“Honey, yes it’s bigger but it still looks like ringworm! Didn’t you use the cream I gave you?”


Men!!! And this one is EXASPERATING!!!

Monday midday, I text him at work, “Call your dr. to check your rash.”

He did. And his doctor said, “Ringworm. Use an anti-fungal cream blah blah blah…”


Monday evenin’ the back of my knee was very itchy and when I looked back at the spot, it looked like I had a tick attached to my skin.

“Honey!! Come look at this! Is this a tick?” It’s hard to tell becuz I’m all freckly.

He got the flashlight… like they do on CSI… and picked a tiny engorged tick off my leg. He said, “we need to keep an eye on that. And stop scratchin’ it!”

So every day he checked the tick bite and every day he pronounced “It’s getting’ bigger! I think it’s formin’ a bull’s eye. You need to get it check for lymes disease. And stop scratchin’ it!”

I knew he was dead serious when Thursday mornin’ at 4:30am, he was lookin’ at the back of my leg lookin’ at it with the flashlight again. “Get it checked today! and stop scratchin’ it!!”

It was payback for me sendin’ him to his Doctor! Now I had to go to mine!!

She said, “no, it’s not a bull’s eye but let’s do a round of antibiotics for preventive measurements.” That means “becuz You People ARE NEUROTIC we’ll TREAT YOU ANYWAY!!”


Amber said...

hah - when we went camping over Memorial Day weekend my "friend" came in and said, "I just flicked a tick off of me, you need to strip down so I can check you and then you can check me."

I told him it was the weirdest foreplay I ever experienced.

But you know you're comfortable with someone if you let them check you for ticks and your tick bites!

Jill said...

Hmmm...I got a couple of blackfly bites on my head over the weekend, and they are itchy and oozie and I've been whining about them all day...So thanks for making me realize it could be worse!! ;)

Rachel said...

Ticks give me the heebee jeebees. Now I have em. Ugh. Glad you don't have Lymes anyway that is never fun.