Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?

At the current moment no.

Roy and I have an agreement that when the bank account hit a certain amount, I get new carpeting for the house.

Well guess what!?!

I get new carpet!!

Huge Biggie!!! I’m so excited!!

The carpet has been in this house since 1964… and it’s really bad! I caught my toes in one of the rips one day. Roy looked at me like I was stupid becuz I tripped… Until, he caught his bigass toes in one of the rips and tripped!!

“Yeah!!!!! I get new carpet!!” I sung to him, as he caught his balance. He blushed all over… “I get new carpet!!!”

But I can’t buy it without him. It’s not that he wants to pick out the color but just monitor what I spend. And he wants a $1000 chainsaw! But whatever!

And I can’t get it until he rips out the old.

And I not allowed to do it myself… the rippin’ out part.

Or move the TV.

Or the PC desk.

He really has to be specific about these sorta things… becuz  I WILL DO IT MYSELF!

What the Hell?!!

Sorry, I had to take a break in all this action. I was surrounded by cats. I felt like a helpless gazelle being stalked by a pride of lions… my cats wanted something. Scooter was sittin’ on the PC mouse! What the Hell?

I fed them already!

They have water!

When I get up, they all run to the kitchen… What? The? Hell?


Where was I?

Rippin’ out… WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

There’s a lightnin’ bug on my ass!!

His ass lightin’ up is one thing… mine? Whole other subject! 

Oh God, It’s gonna be one of those days… Shit!


Billie said...

I ripped up the carpet last week (well most of it) because I got me some new flooring coming this week!!!!!

WooHoo!!! I decided to continue on to the living room with the flooring I put in the dining room/kitchen/hallway. I am installing it this weekend/next week.

I can't wait! and now I am broke for the foreseeable future in terms of home renovation.

Have fun with your new carpet... Although I say... Don't wait for Roy!

Jen said...

I'm not gonna lie, when I saw your post title, my dirty mind went the other way!!! LOL Congrats on the new carpeting!

Jill said...

You crack me up.

carpetproguy said...

Congratulations. So, have you picked out the new carpet and does it match the drapes?


p.s. Let Roy rip up the carpet. He should have some fun.

Jeankfl said...

I'd ask this question differently, next time. Just sayin'...LOL Good luck on getting him to the carpet store!

Becca said...

We got carpeting installed. There was just way too much of it too do and way too many curves and corners and stairs and I do not know the first thing about it to begin to think I could do it right!

Tracie said...

So just rip out around all the things he said not to