Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buyin’ The Perfect Swimsuit…

There was a time that I didn’t even own a swimsuit. I didn’t lay out or go to the lake… Just didn’t need one.
And then I married Roy. We travel. We spend the weekend in Branson and use the pools and hot tubs so I bought a swimsuit. Just one. Technically, it’s a swim dress. When I was 17 and pregnant I went from a size 0 to a 14 in less than 9mths! Good bye string bikinis! Another reason not to have a swimsuit… stretch marks! 150 miles of stretch marks!
So Anyway, once we bought a pool, I bought many suits. I have so many, I’ve lost count! And I mostly just wear the bottoms when it’s just me and Roy. But for the next cruise, I want something new. So off I go to find something cute and that covers all the stuff I want covered… NO SUCH LUCK!!
All too tight! I don’t want to look like I a stuffed sausage!!
Or made for someone that 6 inches taller than me!!
And now I’m frustrated. I’ve thought about makin’ my own but there are no patterns available… odd! I suppose I could use my panties or my skorts to make the bottoms… hhhmm… something to think about.
But what I did was, grab the one I wanted in a size that is too big but I know I can alter to fit… it’s just as cute as it can be and only $25!
All the swimsuits that are made for us Fat Bottom Gals are so freakin’ expensive!! Another reason to make my own!
So the first thing I do when I get home is try it on… and I’ll be damned! It fits like a glove and is still super cute!!
I may go back and get another in a different color!
Moral of the story… by a swimsuit 2 sizes too big and be please that it super cute and to hell with what the tag says.. cut the damn thing out!

Just for the record... sex on the big floaty is most fun and No, Tracie, that will be left to the imagination. No Vlog... You're so cute.


Connie Weiss said...

Two years ago....I splurged and bought one of those expensive fat bottom girl suits/swim dresses. IT was adorable and I looked thinner in it.

Then I went on the hCG diet and lost 30 pounds and gave away my fat clothes...including my suit.

Now I've gained the weight back and I have nothing to wear.


Jill said...

Ugh. Bathing suits. I'm a hefty gal, and finding something to wear swimming that I'm not totally horrified to wear in public is NOT EASY. Went to Cuba this winter, so I was forced to buy some new swim gear. I went with a few skirted bottoms, and a few tops that hid all the bad stuff and sucked in the rolls. I was so relieved!!

Nicole said...

there really aren't patterns out there? That really surprises me!

Johanson Family said...

I am always in a bathing suit battle. I prefer just the black sleek look bikini... truth be told-- I cannot locate the bottoms to save my life... but realized that my black undies seem to work and no one knows the difference unless they get too close and see Victoria's Secret's name smeared around the edge.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I LOVED your conclusion! I always buy mine online in a size larger than I expect to need. If it still doesn't work it goes back. But at least I get to avoid the changing room and 3 way mirror!

becca said...

my swimsuit has a skirt but i'm considering one with the shorts and tank

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