Friday, June 10, 2011

3 Things That I Said About The Turtle…


That made Roy roll his eyes.

1) “Honey, Ruffles needs a bath. He’s got green stuff growin’ on his shell!”

And Roy rolled his eyes.

“Babe, haven’t you seen these things in the wild with moss and mud all over them? You are not bathin’ the turtle!”

“I could take a tooth brush and some bakin’ soda…”


2) “Honey, I taught Ruffles to catch fish.”

And Roy rolled his eyes.

“How did you teach him to do that?”

“I just dumped a live one in there and said ‘go it Ruffles’ and he did. That’s how I taught the dog to fetch… Geez! Give me some credit!”

3) “Honey, don’t you think those rocks will hurt him if he moves them around. They are so big and he’s so wittle!”

And Roy rolled his eyes.

“Babe, he’s ‘too wittle’ to move them around! Get real!”

And then last night, Ruffles moved one of them while Roy was watchin’ him chase after fish… a trick I taught him. “Holy Shit! He moved that rock!”

“Duh! I read the book!!”

And Roy rolled his eyes, “You gonna get attached, aren’t you?”

Well, he likes me best.


Tracie said...

I think you are attached

Jill said...

These turtle stories are the best. TOO funny!!!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Did you ever scrub him with baking soda?