Monday, May 23, 2011

Yeah, Right!!!

And he said, “Hey Babe. I think I need a Facebook Account.”


He doesn’t even want an email address!!

And he wants a Facebook Account???

Yeah Right!!

He said, “I want my phone to “woo hoo” 50 million times a day like your’s does.”

He hates that!!

Seriously, HATES IT!! He always asks, “Who are you talkin’ to now?” to which I reply, “The World Of Facebook.” And he rolls his eyes.

Oh Yeah, Right! He wants a Facebook Account!

He continues to argue his point, “I might have an old girlfriend lookin’ for me.”

And now we get to the heart of the matter… Yeah! Right. I’ll get right on that, Honey!


Happy Anniversary, Roy. It’s a wonder we’ve made it 17 years with your sense of humor. Good thing I have mine!

wedding photo 001 Standard e-mail view


Billie said...

Congratulations on 17 years!

VandyJ said...

Congrats! 17 years is a god long time. Looks like you both have a sense of humor.

Jill said...

Bahaha!! My mother is always asking, "Who are you texting NOW??" And I'm like, "SERIOUSLY, it's just Facebook crap!"

Happy Anniversary!!

Lin said...

bwahaha...he's funny! Congratulations to both of you, I hope you have many many more funny & happy years ahead of you.

Also, that's one awesome photo!

Nicole said...

Congrats... such a cute photo! I love hearing of people who have been married so long... gives me hope as a newly wed :)